A young, competitive shooting champion and huntress

Hannah’s dad is her main shooting partner, and they rarely shoot apart, and has supported her from the start of her career. They’ve shot all over the UK as a Father and daughter team, Hannah said, “I respect his opinions because he knows me so well, he understands how I think and reads me. He knows what to say to me, and that really can help me when I’m shooting.”

Hannah Gibson during clay shooting
Hannah Gibson during clay shooting.

This year, she made the British and England teams, and would love to shoot in the USA. She follows The Pro Tour (the Professional Sporting Clays Association), and said, “they are really well set up, and it is amazing what they do for their shooters and the sport, it’d be great to see something similar in the UK.”

“I am a massively competitive person, and push myself. There’s nothing better than the feeling of hitting a target and I really do get a buzz out of it” said Hannah. 

Outdoor life: gamekeeping and deer stalking 

Hannah Gibson with bavarian mountain hounds.
Hannah Gibson deerstalking with bavarian mountain hounds.

Outside of the clay shooting season, Hannah shoots once a fortnight, and juggles her busy schedule with loading on shoot days for local sporting estates. “I really enjoy being outdoors and meeting people, it’s great to be standing with someone when they hit their first bird and you are part of that memory.”

Her partner, Alex, is gamekeeper, and when she is not helping him out with the birds and gundogs, she enjoys going out stalking and is fortunate to have four species of deer on their local ground. “Last year I got into it, I went out stalking with my other half. I enjoy seeing the deer but also gaining an understanding of why I’m shooting the animal and how important deer management is. You have to understand their way of thinking, be aware of the wind direction and outsmart them.”

Hannah is sponsored by Krieghoff, Fiocchi and Stonegate Homes. Hannah shots with her 12g Kreighoff Parcours and Fiocchi FBlack 8.5’s 28gram, and has worked with her coach, Mark Winser, the British Open Champion, for the last three years since she moved from Olympic Skeet to Sporting.

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