FICX, the best of the art knives on show in Paris

Exhibition center Carreau du Temple
The hall of the Carreau du Temple exhibition center where the FICX will take place.

FICX-Paris is an event that is not to be missed by world knife enthusiasts.

For this fifth edition, that will take place on September 15th - 16th in the Carreau du Temple exhibition center, the FICX presents 100 world-renowned master knife-makers representing 20 countries. The FICX pays tribute to the figure of the knife-maker, a craftsman with multiple skills: a designer, a forger, a sculptor, an engraver and a knife grinder.

FICX: fine knives from all over the world

The forger Adam Desroriers
The forger Adam Desroriers at work.

A great show is also guaranteed by numerous emblematic figures from the world of art knives such as Wolfgang Loerchner, Kay Embretsen, Charles Roulin, Alexandr Gevgalov, Adam and Haley Desrosiers, Andrew Meers, Samuel Lurquin, with an extraordinary selection of French masters.

The sculptural knives by Basil Vorobiev, the unique forged blades by Natalia Zabelina, the tactical folders by a new generation of designers, will also offer the public a chance to discover the innovative Russian school.

Set of knives by the Russian master Basil Vorobiev.
A bizarre set of knives by the Russian master Basil Vorobiev.

The Nordic products (from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) will also be introduced by a dozen artisans, some of whom will exhibit for the first time in France.

There will also be a selection of the best masters of the Italian knife-makers guild, among which we can quote in an absolutely random order Carlo Cavedon, Attilio Morotti, Daniele Ibba, Roberto Ottonello, Giuseppe Pala and others.

Chef's knife by the master Jelle Hazemberg.
A chef's knife with damask blade by the Dutch master Jelle Hazemberg.

The FICX represents the metamorphosis of the artisanal tool into a trendy collector object where cultural differences are confirmed and resist the production standardization of the 21st century. Between tradition and innovation, FICX-Paris shows the contemporary knife that combines old materials - gold, silver, tortoise shell, mother-of-pearl, mammoth ivory, meteorites - unusual shapes and designs born from modern anodized alloys mated with new composites.

FICX 2018: scheduled events

  • As usual, the FICX-Paris 2018 awards will be given by an independent international jury for the best fixed knife, best folding knife, best show knife.
  • Some of the ceremonial swords belonging to the members of the Academy of France, one of France's most important cultural institutions, will be displayed. Academy members are in fact required to attend the investiture with a sword designed by themselves.
Coltello Charles Roulin
A wonderful knife with sculpted handle by Charles Roulin.

Among the ceremonial swords on display you'll find the one belonging to former minister Xavier Darcos, now director of the French Academy, the sword belonging to architect Charles Perrot and finally the sword of the painter Astrid de La Forest.

The show is hosted in the Carreau du Temple exhibition center, a perfectly restored nineteenth-century former covered market, which owes its name to the fact that it was built in an area where there was a detachment of the Knights Templar. A place so rich in charm and history, particularly suited to accommodate in its 1,800 square meters of exhibition space this evocative show.

Admission is 10 euro, children under 12 enter free. Exhibition opening hours are from 10AM to 7PM on Saturday and from 10AM to 7PM on Sunday.

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