Art and custom knives on show in Milan

Sala Hotel Marriott a Milano
The showroom of the Marriot Hotel where the show takes place.

The twenty-second edition of the "Art Knife Exposition" organized by the Italian Knife Guild will take place in Milan, Italy, in the first weekend of December.

About 70 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition: master knife makers coming not only from Italy but also from abroad, each with its own style, its cultural background and its philosophy. There will be stands of companies selling knife-making supplies, accessories, magazines and so on too.

The quality of the knives proposed by the participants is truly remarkable, not only because Italian masters are of the highest caliber, but also because the skillful blend with foreign masters creates a sort of competition and a particular interest, all in a friendly and of great cordiality, where rivalry is just an incentive to improve.

Bojitos Arpad.jpg
A knife sculpted in bas-relief by Arpad Bojitos.
Consoli Sergio.jpg
A folding dagger by Sergio Consoli.

For some years now, an exhibition of collectible knives made by the great names of the international art knifemaking circuit (Randall, Schmidt, Moran, Lake, Walker), organized by Italian and foreign collectors who offer their contribution, is organized during the exhibition. This year the works of the late and lamented Vincenzo Apostoli, one of the most original Italian knife makers, will be exhibited.

Moreover, for the first time the exhibition "Tactical Knife Show" will be held, which will present a good number of world-class knife makers not belonging to the Italian Knife Guild, who will propose their tactical knives for the joy of fans of this exciting area of knife making.

The Marriott Hotel – that will host the event – offers one of the most prestigious showrooms, noted for its architectural features. It also allows cutlers and visitors to take advantage of spaces and services that make for a comfortable stay at the show, which is by no means negligible. Being a trade show, our suggestion is to visit it on the first day.

The exhibition will take place at the Marriot Hotel (Via Washington 66 - Milan) from 10 am to 5.30 pm on Saturday 1 December, from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday 2 December. Admission is 10 euro.


The poster of the Show that will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Milan as usual.