A new record for Raniero Testa and Winchester SX3

Raniero Testa is the man of records with the shotgun: over the years he has pulverized all extreme clay pigeon shooting records. Initially Benelli's testimonial, Raniero moved on to the Winchester and with his specially modified Super X semi-automatic shotgun he has definitively consolidated his status as a recordman. For years now Raniero could only challenge himself, trying to retouch his numerous records, the last of which saw him destroy 14 clay pigeons hand-thrown by himself and which earned him the nickname “RT14”...

After such a performance a normal person could also sit on his laurels and rest a bit, but Raniero never gets tired and decided to challenge Umberto Tarcinale, Fabarm's testimonial, in a speed challenge: firing 1000 12-gauge shots in less than an hour. The challenge took place on the Patrica Frosinone clay shooting range, in Italy, and the video below, taken from Raniero's Instagram page, shows a summary of the event.

In the end, Raniero Testa won with an average of one shot every 0.72 seconds. Umberto Tarcinale, with his modified Fabarm P.S.S.10 rifle, nevertheless brilliantly defended himself: one shot every 1.28 seconds. For the moment, the pupil has not yet surpassed the master.

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