Raniero Testa aims for a new record

World champion Raniero Testa is scheduled to perform next Sunday, September 13th at 6:00 p.m.at the Concaverde shooting range in Lonato del Garda (BS, Italy) − where the ISSF shotgun world championship will be held from September 9th thru 18th. Raniero Testa will be shooting his trustworthy Winchester SX3 shotgun, and for the first time he will be an official representative for FITAV, the Italian National Clay Shooting Federation.

The following day − Monday, September 14th, 2015 − he will again perform in a side event to the championship, during which he will try to establish a new world record: using a Browning Pro Trap over-and-under shotgun, he will try to hit at least twenty out of twenty-five clays launched by a skeet thrower... while wearing a blindfold.

A panel of judges and Guinness World Records representatives will oversee his performance; should Testa succeed, he would establish his fifth certified world record in a row. 

VIDEO: Raniero Testa and his Winchester SX3

Recently, Raniero Testa was awarded the title of Alfiere dello Sport ("Flagman of sports") by the Prefect of the Province of Frosinone, and was also bestowed with the Cavaliere della Repubblica knighthood award for his records and merits in sport shooting. Winchester Arms company even named a shotgun after him (the SX3 Raniero Testa shotgun) − a honor previously bestowed only to celebrities and historical figures such as Giuseppe Garibaldi, Theodore Roosevelt or John Wayne.

Raniero Testa will close his performance schedule for 2015 between September and October, attempting to establish yet another record in rifle shooting and another one with his Winchester SX3 shotgun − this time equipped with an Aimpoint Micro H2 red-dot sight.

Extreme shooting champion Raniero Testa will perform in northern Italy in September, attempting to break a new record
Raniero Testa will perform on Sunday, September 13th at the ISSF World Championship - Shotgun at the Concaverde Shooting Range in Lonato del Garda (Italy)
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