2024 Olympic Games in Paris: ammunition manufacturer RWS becomes premium partner of ISSF House

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) has announced that the world-leading and long-established ammunition manufacturer RWS GmbH has decided to become a premium partner of ISSF House. This will serve as a meeting place and media center for the shooting sports community in Chateauroux, France, during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

RWS GmbH, whose portfolio includes the RWS brand of ammunition, will join the firearms, accessories and clothing manufacturer Fabbrica d'Armi Beretta as a premium partner. RWS will act as the exclusive premium partner in the ammunition sector. We reported on the Beretta-ISSF partnership here.

The ISSF House is the exclusive on-site meeting place for the shooting community and is organised by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF). With the support of the Premium Partners, it aims to facilitate dialogue between federation representatives, athletes, coaches, sports equipment manufacturers, international media representatives and supporters of shooting sports. During the biggest event in the 2024 sporting calendar, ISSF House will provide a platform for professional discussions away from the shooting range, increasing the visibility and relevance of all shooting disciplines and their international representatives. We have already introduced you to the ISSF House in more detail.

What the ISSF and RWS have to say about the new premium partnership

Luciano Rossi, President of the ISSF.

Commenting on the new partnership, Luciano Rossi, President of the ISSF, said: "It is a great honour to welcome one of the oldest and most prestigious ammunition manufacturers in the world as the latest premium partner of ISSF House.

RWS, which was established in 1886, is now not only renowned for high quality products but for also supporting many athletes who will be competing at the Games in Paris.

Our team is looking forward to working closely with RWS to make the ISSF House concept a great success."

Dirk Prehn, General Manager of RWS GmbH in Fürth. The company has been part of Beretta Holding since 2022.

Dirk Prehn, General Manager of RWS GmbH, says: “Major international events that bring together athletes, manufacturers and sponsors from all over the world offer an excellent opportunity for experts to exchange information about the product and service portfolio. It is a great honor for us to be able to actively support athletes on their path to success as a premium partner in collaboration with our sister company Beretta Fabbrica d'Armi and under the patronage of the ISSF. This means we experience the performance of our products up close and can help shape the future of top-class sports. The commitment of the shooters, their dedication and will to perform have always inspired us to develop and manufacture the most powerful and precise products to enable top performance in sports.”

Background information on the ISSF House during the 2024 Olympic Games

The ISSF has announced that the ISSF House will provide a unique experience for its guests during the 2024 Olympic Games. It will be a gathering place for athletes, including medal winners, after the competitions and will also be open to Olympic media to increase awareness of shooting sports.

  • Potential partners can secure one of three sponsorship tiers (Premium, Official, Supporting).
  • All partners will receive a combination of ISSF House access, Gala Dinner invites, branding throughout the ISSF House and amplification of the partnership on ISSF channels.
  • Partners have also been invited to join the ISSF to watch the  Olympic Opening Ceremony at ISSF House.
  • Brands also have some specific activations, especially on digital media platforms.

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