Rottweil Competition Line 2020: new shot ammunition for sports shooters in the popular 20/70 gauge with lead and soft iron shot

20 gauge is becoming increasingly popular with current shotguns. In addition to combination hunting rifles, it's also becoming more and more popular in shotguns. This makes it possible to build over/under shotguns with a lower total weight, which is of particular interest to young people or women. In order to be well equipped for sporting performance or hunting training, Rottweil offers two new loads in 20/70 (that is, a 2¾ chamber 20 gauge shell). 

ROTTWEIL COMPETITION LINE: Steel Trap 24 HV shotgun ammunition
As is customary in the sports sector, the new Rottweil Competition Line loads will also be offered in a box containing 25 cartridges.

Rottweil Competition Line: features of the new Special Trap and Steel Trap shotgun ammunition

As the name suggests, the Special Trap was designed for this type of clay pigeon shooting. It provides 24 grams of lead shot in the usual 7½ size for this discipline, which corresponds to 2.4 mm. Velocity, measured 2.5 m in front of the muzzle, should be 385 m/s.

Where lead shot is no longer permitted, this load is also available as Steel Trap 24 HV. Here too, 24 grams of shot can be found, but shot size is 2.5 mm due to the lower density, which corresponds to size 7. Velocity should be 375 m/s at a distance of 2.5 m from the muzzle. Both cartridges are to be found in the typical yellow color prescribed by the Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP). 

Rottweil Competition Line shotgun cartridges: since soft iron shot requires more volume for the same weight, the cup of the Steel Trap is correspondingly higher than that of the Special Trap.

Rottweil Special Trap and Steel Trap shotgun ammunition: technical data and prices



Shot size (mm)

Shot No.

Load (g)

Contents per package (pieces) 

Price per pack* (€)

Special Trap 24







Special Trap 24 HV







* RSP in Germany incl. 19% VAT.

The new shot cartridges will be available from June 2020 and we are looking forward to the first test shots. Of course, you can read about our impressions here on

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