Rottweil Extra Line - Exact Green: a new lead-free slug for hunting

Especially in combination hunting guns, a shotgun slug can be an interesting addition. Since the request for effective lead-free hunting bullets is becoming ever louder, Rottweil has reacted accordingly with the Exact Green. The new shotgun slug in 12 gauge is made from food-safe tin.

This is available in two loads: a 12/70 (2¾ chamber) with regular gas pressure for standard shotguns and a 12/70 (2¾ chamber) with a magnum load (max. 1050 bar) for shotguns proofed for higher pressures. According to the manufacturer, the 25 g projectile should reach about 515 m/s, which yields about 3300 joules of energy. The Magnum version drives the tin projectile with a green plastic tail up to 565 m/s, which means about 4000 joules of energy.

According to the manufacturer, this corresponds to up to 30% more energy into the game body compared to competitors with a Brenneke lead slug. The higher speed results in both a smaller lead factor for fast-moving game and a flatter trajectory. We are looking forward to the first hunting experiences with it.

Rottweil Exact Green: the most important features of the new lead-free slug – Available from June 2020

  • Up to 30% more energy compared to similar loads with Brenneke lead bullets

  • Extremely high velocity for more power
    • 12/70 Magnum:  V 2.5 = 565 m/s
    • 12/70 Standard:  V 2.5 = 515 m/s

  • Effective 25 g tin bullet with green plastic rear section; transparent case with a 20 mm bottom cap

  • No special shotguns designed for steel shot are necessary when using this ammunition

  • The new shotgun slugs from Rottweil have a lower bullet weight amd higher velocity, that is:
    • Less lead factor for highly volatile wild boars
    • Less bullet drop at longer shooting distances
Two lead-free Rottweil Extra Line Exact Green shotgun cartridges in normal and magnum processing
Rottweil Exact Green, suitable for lead-free hunting: the food-safe tin slugs are available in standard and magnum loads with green plastic rear section.

Rottweil Exact Green: technical data and prices



Bullet weight (g)

Bullet material

Contents per package (pieces)

Price per pack* (€)













RSP in Germany incl. 19% VAT. 

Both load versions of the lead-free Rottweil shotgun slugs will be available in specialist stores from June 2020.

Further information on Rottweil products can be found on the new Rottweil website at

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