Rottweil's Game Edition new 20-ga and 12-ga cartridges, taylor-made loads

Rottweil's Game Edition consists of a range of cartridges with muzzle velocities and shot loadings tailored for certain species of game. Launched back in 2017, the line now expands with four new loads in 20/70 gauge and a new load in12/70 gauge.

12/70-ga Game Edition Partridge cartridges
The 12/70-ga Game Edition Partridge is designed for hunting red-legged partridge, grey partridge and ptarmigan.

Let's start from the 20 ga. After some year of neglect, hunters are re-discovering this gauge because of its lower weight and milder felt recoil, which make shooting easier and less fatiguing. Many ammo manufacturers are rediscovering it too, and Rottweil now adds four new loads specifically designed for duck, pigeon, pheasant and woodcock respectively. The 20-ga Game Edition Duck is loaded with 24g of No.5 (3mm) soft iron shot, while the Game Edition Pigeon is loaded with 30g of No. 6 (2.8mm) lead shot. The 20-ga Game Edition Pheasant consists of 28g of No.6 (2.7mm) lead shot with felt, and the Game Edition Woodcock of 30g of No.9 (2mm) lead shot.

The range is also being extended to include a special 12/70 cartridge for hunting red-legged partridge, grey partridge and ptarmigan (according to the region): the new 12/70-ga Game Edition Partridge, with 32g of No.7 (2.5mm) lead shot.

To guide the consumer in buying the right ammunition, the new cartridges and their packaging sport attractive illustrations of the game species to be hunted – to avoid mistakes, just in case!  

Rottweil Game Edition cartridges, a plus of energy

Graph of the energy at short, middle and long shooting distances of the Game Edition cartridges
Game Edition cartridges deliver a plus of pattern energy at short, middle and long shooting distances.

What all these cartridges have in common are their power levels and energy distribution patterns, which have been optimized for the specific small game they are dedicated to. According to the manufacturer, “They deliver a PLUS of game-specific pattern energy at short, middle and long shooting distances and thus guarantee the best possible success in small game hunting.” Rottweil, anyway, stresses that the advantages of the Game Edition cartridges over others are not game-specific and are not limited to the killing power for specific game, of course.

The new Rottweil Game Edition loads are already available, and we at at all4hunters are looking forward to put to test these new “taylor-made” cartridges in the field!

For more information please visit the Rottweil website. 

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