GECO: new handgun cartridges for shooters and self-defense + new shotgun shells for IPSC

At the IWA 2019 GECO showcased some interesting products. In the field of handgun cartridges, in addition to a new caliber in the GECO Hexagon series, they also introduced the Action Extreme, a completely new cartridge for hunting and self-defense purposes. In the area of dynamic shotgun shooting, GECO expanded the range of coated shotgun cartridges.

GECO Action Extreme: handgun cartridges for hunting and self-defense

The goal in the development of the Action Extreme was to design a reliable cartridge for self-defense and “finishing shot” firearms. The requirements for the cartridge in the 9 mm Luger were clear: fast expansion, powerful penetration and the highest possible residual bullet mass.

Action Extrem GECO, cartridge for self-defense.
With the Action Extrem GECO offers a cartridge specially designed for self-defense.

The GECO Action Extreme handgun cartridges combine deep penetration with a unique stopping power. The full energy of the bullet is completely transferred. In addition, the cartridge is versatile. It can be used in all pistol-caliber carbines and full-size and compact pistols. This versatility makes the Action Extreme the ideal cartridge for all those in need of greater security and for hunters who do not expect a standard 9mm cartridge to have enough stopping power and punch.

Action Extreme by GECO, features at a glance:

  • High stopping power
  • Powerful expansion of the projectile up to 23 mm
  • Reliable chambering thanks to the rounded bullet tip
  • Excellent ballistic performance 
  • Fits all barrel lengths
  • General purpose ammunition for hunting, self defense and home defense

GECO Hexagon: now in .44 Rem. Mag.!

GECO Hexagon handgun cartridges are considered by many sports shooters to be a reliable "partner" in terms of maximum accuracy. But those who have always wanted a little bit more power are now being heard: because the Hexagon is now also available in caliber .44 Rem. Mag.

GECO HEXAGON in .44 Rem. Mag. at IWA 2019
With the Hexagon in .44 Rem. Mag. GECO offers a purebred match cartridge for large caliber revolvers.

The Hexagon in .44 Rem. Mag. is one of the few cartridges specially developed in this caliber for sports shooting. Its intended purpose is primarily the revolver disciplines in the area of centerfire accuracy. Built around the hollow point design, the Hexagon bullet was in fact crafted for absolute accuracy. In the case of cartridges in large calibers, special attention must be paid to a pleasant shooting experience. To ensure this, the  .44 Rem. Mag. GECO Hexagon combines a specially adapted propellant powder with a ultra-heavy bullet weight of 19.4 g (300 gr). The closed base of the hollow-pointed design drastically cuts lead emissions in the immediate proximity.

GECO Hexagon main features:

  • Flat trajectory thanks to unique aerodynamics
  • “Golf ball” effect thanks to the 6 stabilization grooves on the bullet point
  • Center of gravity moved back for greater accuracy
  • Cylindrical bullet section for improved barrel guidance

The GECO Hexagon revolver cartridge in .44 Rem. Mag will be available from August 2019.

New cartridge for dynamic shotgun shooting: the GECO Coated Competition Slug Red 28

In the dynamic shotgun shooting sector, the GECO Coated Competition Slugs are the first choice for many shooters. To fit the sensitive action of self-loading shotguns, GECO introduces the Competition Slug Red 28 at the IWA. The cartridge was specially designed for use in semi-automatic shotguns and has a slug weighing 28 g. The slug is red coated and features a red plastic tail, which can be seen through the transparent plastic sleeve.

A direct comparison shows how easily the new shotgun cartridges can be distinguished from each other.

Incidentally the cartridge, which was previously produced as the Coated Competition Slug, is now called GECO Competition Slug Black 26. As the name suggests, this is a black-coated slug weighing 26 g. Similar to the Competition Slug Red 28, the tail of the Competition Slug Black 26 is also colored in black.


Especially suitable for semi-automatic shotguns
Low muzzle raise
Red slug (28 g)Black slug (26 g)
Red polymer tail

Black polymer tail

V2,5 = 420 m/sV2,5 = 450 m/s

In addition, GECO is expanding its range of reloading components to include the GECO Small Rifle and GECO Small Pistol product lines. These are boxer primers that combine easy fitting and optimal responsiveness.

Further information on GECO ammunition can be found directly on the company's website.

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