Tuning your trigger: Timney launches new Ultimate Builder's Kit (UBK) for GLOCK – Ferkinghoff brings it to Europe

Everything included: the Timney Triggers Ultimate Builder's Kit comes as a complete conversion kit for shooters.

The American company Timney Triggers also enjoys an excellent reputation in Europe. It offers high-quality interchangeable triggers that enhance the firearms of sport shooters, hunters and law enforcement users alike. Together with importer Ferkinghoff International, Timney is now bringing the new UBK to Europe. The complete conversion kit is specially designed for the original trigger unit of GLOCK pistols.

Timney has already had a match trigger for the GLOCK on the market since 2021 with the "Alpha Competition Trigger" (we reported on this in a company portrait at the time). This converts the original, partially pre-cocked GLOCK trigger system into a fully cocked single-action trigger system, which, according to the manufacturer, offers unrivalled trigger quality. Timney now goes one step further and presents the "Ultimate Builder's Kit", a complete retrofit kit for the GLOCK, the legend among polymer pistols.

Timney Triggers' Ultimate Builder's Kit (UBK) for GLOCK pistols in 9mm and .40 S&W – technical details

Special feature of the Timney Trigger UBK: all parts come from a single source. This means they are perfectly matched.

The UBK contains a trigger with a red anodised, straight aluminium blade. This is designed to be perpendicular to the center line when the shot is released, thus ensuring precise triggering. The set also includes the striker and spring. Timney has matched the geometry of both parts to the trigger sear. The striker and connector are made of heat-treated, corrosion-resistant steel and have an NP3 surface coating. This is a Teflon nickel-based coating designed to reduce friction and improve cleaning and maintenance properties.

The special advantage of the kit: all parts of the trigger now come from Timney Triggers. This means that all elements are ideally matched to each other, which is not necessarily the case with a combination of original and tuning parts. According to the manufacturer, a trigger pullweight of around 1,130 to 1,360 grams with clear characteristics can be achieved with the UBK.

The Timney Triggers UBK, here installed on a GLOCK 19 Gen 3

Timney Triggers UBK: compatibility, prices and availability through Ferkinghoff International

Ferkinghoff International offers the Ultimate Builder's Kit (UBK) for GLOCK 5th generation pistols in 9mm Luger and .40 S&W calibers. The kit is also compatible with the G44 rimfire model. The price for this kit is 321 euros.

The UBK is also available for GLOCK pistols of generations 3 and 4 at a price of 339 euros. For shooters who already own an Alpha Competition trigger, the kit is also available without trigger as an option.

According to Ferkinghoff, all available UBKs for GEN 3, 4 and GEN 5 GLOCKs will be available soon.

Further information about Timney Triggers prints can be found on the manufacturer's website. And of course, also at Ferkingghof International. Here you can also find out about availability.

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