Online offers at STROBL.CZ: inexpensive accessories and gift ideas for hunters, sport shooters and outdoor fans

The festive season is fast approaching and, as every year, many people are looking for useful gift ideas: especially when it comes to practical and necessary tools that are also attractively priced. And why not give yourself a present for once?

The dealer and importer STROBL.CZ has been known and appreciated by budget-conscious sport shooters, hunters, reloaders and outdoor fans for many years. Under the management of Michal Štrobl Sr., the company offers an extensive range of accessories for hobby and professional use at fair prices. Customers receive their orders on time from the Czech Republic and benefit from first-class service. The majority of products are imported directly from the USA, including reloading equipment from renowned brands such as Lee Precision, Lyman, Nosler, Sierra, Starline and many others. STROBL.CZ is the place to go for accessories and reloading supplies that combine quality with affordable prices.

Why is it worth ordering from STROBL.CZ in the Czech Republic? 

Not only do you save money here, but you also benefit from a 24-month guarantee and the security of EU legislation – so your purchase is absolutely risk-free. Shipping is also inexpensive: for example, delivery to most European countries by GLS in a parcel weighing up to 28 kilograms costs just 9.20 euros. Simply select, order online and you're done.

We recently presented special accessories for outdoor use and hunting as well as online offers for sport shooters and the shooting range from STROBL.CZ's extensive range. This time, we at STROBL.CZ are focusing on other accessories that hunters, sport shooters and outdoor fans alike will enjoy.

You may discover one or two products that are ideal as a gift for a loved one or accessories that you would like to put on your own gift table.

The scope of delivery (of course not including the retro Windham Weaponry A1 Government AR rifle shown here) of the Delta Series AR-15 Armorer's Professional Kit from Wheeler offers everything the AR heart desires. Now available at STROBL.CZ. 

Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Armorer's Professional Kit

Due to its particular design, the AR-15 platform places high demands on shooters, especially with regard to cleaning and maintenance. Despite the standardized design of the weapon type, conventional cleaning utensils such as cleaning rods, rags and oil reach their limits when it comes to comprehensive care.

The Wheeler bore guide from the AR-15 Armorer's Professional Kit enables damage-free cleaning of the barrel. 

This is where the Wheeler Delta Series AR Armorer's Professional Kit comes to the rescue by eliminating the hassle of having to purchase the required equipment separately. The kit comes in a compact Cordura carrying case and contains numerous tools specifically designed for the AR-15, such as an armorer vise, combination tool, torque wrench, upper vise block clamp with gas tube alignment tool, a maintenance mat with AR-15 exploded view and much more.

The manufacturing quality of the parts is in the upper mid-range. Although this kit is not absolute professional equipment, the quality is convincing enough to satisfy even experienced AR hobbyists in the long term. The price at STROBL.CZ is 368.67 euros. Buying the parts individually would be considerably more expensive.

It is important to note that some tools, such as the combo tool, can enable work that may only be carried out by specialist personnel in some countries, such as removing the barrel. It is therefore advisable to consult you local gun laws before completely disassembling your AR-15 to ensure that the work carried out does not require a permit.

Smith & Wesson M&P Officer knife – available at STROBL.CZ 

The Smith & Wesson M&P Officer fixed blade knife comes in a law enforcement look with thin blue lines on the handle, but is also suitable as a versatile knife for hunting and outdoor use. With a spear point blade and full tang construction, it offers a generously shaped cutting surface whose balanced efficiency in use is further enhanced by the grippy texture of the G10 handles.

The knife comes with a synthetic sheath equipped with an interchangeable 360° rotating clip and a metal standard buckle. A particularly practical addition is the glass breaker at the end of the handle, which can provide valuable services in tricky situations.

The specifications of the Smith & Wesson M&P Officer knife include a blade length of 10.9 cm, a handle length of 11.9 cm and an overall length of 22.8 cm. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and has a bead-blast finish. Overall, the Smith & Wesson M&P Officer weighs 259 g – a real eye-catcher as a knife that can also be used universally

The Smith & Wesson M&P Officer knife is versatile – the glass breaker on the handle is the icing on the cake. Now available at STROBL.CZ. 

Blaser hunting bag: stylish elegance for on-the-go

The Blaser hunting bag cuts a great figure not only on the hunt – now available at STROBL.CZ. 

The hand luggage-compatible hunting bag is the perfect companion, and not just for all Blaser enthusiasts. The high-quality design made of brown twill and first-class leather not only offers plenty of storage space for clothing and hunting equipment, but also an appealing look in the unmistakable Blaser style: the discreet embossing on the top gives the bag the finishing touch.

The bag can be securely closed with a mix of zipper and two belt buckles. The sturdy genuine leather handles make it comfortable to carry. Compact dimensions of approx. 50x25x29 cm and a generous capacity of approx. 30 liters make it a practical companion for on the go – the perfect choice for style-conscious hunters and travellers.

The Caldwell recoil pad for women is practical to attach under clothing and ensures a much more comfortable shooting experience even with heavy loads. 

Caldwell comfort recoil shield for ladies – now available at STROBL.CZ.

Worn under clothing, the comfort recoil shield for women from Caldwell offers patented recoil protection. It can be easily attached to a bra strap and stays reliably in place thanks to the hook and loop fastener. Filled with PAST recoil absorption foam, the shield distributes the force of felt recoil, achieving a reduction of up to 75%.

The highly effective PAST material has established itself as the industry standard since its introduction. Caldwell's recoil shield for women is easy to care for, can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and should be left to air dry afterwards.

As it can be attached on both sides, it makes shooting with long guns much more comfortable for all ladies.

A cozy time-out for four-legged friends: Blaser dog blanket

Cozy and stylish: the Blaser dog blanket with the famous Argali logo, available at STROBL.CZ. 

The dog blanket from Blaser offers a comfortable retreat for your dog with a generous, padded cushion (100x70 cm). Its durable fiber fur top with embroidered Blaser Argali logo gives the blanket a stylish look. A non-slip underside with nap fabric ensures safety at home, in the car or when traveling.

The easy-care dog blanket is machine washable at 30 °C and dries quickly. Weighing 300 g and made of 100% polyester, it is lightweight yet hard-wearing. In brown with the familiar white Blaser logo, it fits harmoniously into any room and impresses with its comfort and style – the ideal place for your four-legged friend to relax.

Schrade combined axe: with folding saw in the handle

Fold once, use twice: the Schrade axe with a saw that can be locked in two positions. Now available at STROBL.CZ. 

This gift idea seems perfect for the festive season, especially for Christmas: Schrade's axe and saw combo is not only ideal for sourcing and disposing of Christmas trees, but also for splitting firewood for the fireplace. However, the versatile tool is suitable for various woodworking tasks all year round and will serve hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in particular as a practical two-in-one tool that provides valuable services on the move, in the forest and even in survival situations.

Made from lightweight parts such as the Ti-nitride coated 3Cr13 stainless steel head with a distinctive pommel for driving stakes and the glass-filled polymer handle, the entire combination axe weighs 940 g, including the saw. The saw has a length of 31.7 cm, and when the axe is folded, the overall length is 45.8 cm. Of course, leverage is somewhat limited in this compact form, but with this combo, compactness and high mobility are the main features.

A locking mechanism holds the saw securely in the handle, and it can be released effortlessly by pressing a button on the handle. The saw can be locked in two positions when unfolded to give the user great flexibility when sawing. With the Schrade axe-saw combo, you'll be well equipped for any woodworking situation all year round – from this Christmas to the next!

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