Bore cleaning gun oils and accessories from Milfoam Forrest, Iosso and Tipton from the assortment of

Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam and Synthetic Gun Oil

Milfoam Forrest barrel cleaning foam and Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil
The Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam and the Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil.

In the armies of several NATO members, most notably Finland, Milfoam Forrest products are standard equipment. Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam effectively dissolves carbon, copper and other residues from each barrel through a chemical reaction. As a result, it reduces barrel bore brushing, for example. It can be applied with a flexible applicator. At, Milfoam Forrest barrel cleaning foam is available in a 500 ml spray bottle for 36.62 euros.

As a supplement or alternative, there is also the Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil. This oil is approved according to NATO specification TL 9150-0078 and has been tested with various firearms on many European shooting ranges. With a special dispensing tip, it can be applied cleanly and precisely to all gun parts. Possibly due to the former Finnish owner is the extremely low freezing temperature of -57°C. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, it is completely odorless, contains no ammonia, emits no toxic fumes and causes no steel corrosion. After removing powder, copper and carbon residues and preserving with Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil, your gun is ready to fire immediately. Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil in a 400 ml spray bottle is available for 16.12 euro at

Iosso Bore Cleaner, Triple Action Oil Solution and Eliminator cleaning brushes

IOSSO Bore Cleaner, Triple Action Oil Solution and Eliminator barrel cleaning brushes
With the Bore Cleaner, Triple Action Oil Solution and the Eliminator Barrel Cleaning Brushes, IOSSO offers a complete cleaning system.

Those who prefer products from the USA in the classic stars-and-stripes design may find what they are looking for in Iosso.

Iosso Triple Action Oil Solution gets its name from its triple action: it cleans, lubricates and protects. The product reliably loosen powder, carbon and plastic residues. It is also suitable as a lubricant for gun parts and inhibits corrosion. At the same time, Triple Action Oil Solution is bio-based and biodegradable, with no petroleum distillates or ammonia. 120 ml of the Iosso Triple Action Oil Solution are available from for 12.62 euros.

After pretreatment with the Triple Action Oil Solution, Iosso recommends Bore Cleaner, a bio-based cleaning paste based on plant extracts. Compared to liquid cleaners or sprays, the paste can be dispensed more precisely and can’t be spilled, thus protecting wooden stocks and other sensitive gun parts from damage. It is simply applied sparingly to a barrel cleaning brush and passed through the barrel as often as the contamination requires. It removes copper, lead, carbon burn, powder fouling, plastic residue and surface rust. It is odorless, non-flammable and non-corrosive. Per tube, IOSSO Bore Cleaner costs 9.19 euros at

The trademark of the Iosso Eliminator bore cleaning brushes is the cobalt blue color. According to IOSSO, Eliminator brushes are wound tighter and thus have more fibers than other type brushes. Unlike bronze and brass brushes, the thicker, stiffer fibers allow for back and forth action, giving them eight to 10 times more durability, according to the manufacturer. They are currently available in 19 sizes from .22 LR. to .50 BMG. Regardless of size, Iosso Eliminator barrel cleaning brushes are offered at for 5.69 euros.

Tipton cleaning brushes and carbon fiber cleaning rods

Cleaning rods, wipers, bore guides and bronze brushes
Tipton offers a wide variety of products for bore cleaning. In addition to cleaning rods, wipers, bore guides and bronze brushes are also available.

Late last year, we introduced the Tipton Best Gun Vise and Rapid Bore Guide Kit. In addition to this cleaning station and the special cleaning rod guide, Tipton has other accessories ready for you.

There are the one-piece Tipton Deluxe carbon fiber cleaning rods used by the US military during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In addition to the ergonomically designed handle that spins on two sets of ball bearings, there are two other good reasons for using Tipton's Deluxe carbon fiber cleaning rods: If used carelessly, stainless steel rods can scratch and wear barrel; coated rods protect against this, but small particles can stick to the coating - this has the effect of fine grit sandpaper, and not only with fine desert sand. offers the Tipton Deluxe Carbon cleaning sticks in various versions between 44.73 and 68.35 euros.

Tipton has nickel-plated its Ultra Jags in order to make sure that the contamination comes from the barrel and the chamber, but not from your jag. This protects the jags even from aggressive solvents. Tipton Ultra Jags are available in 13 sizes at for 4.58 euros each.

Alternatively, there are the Bore & Chamber Mops from Tipton. These extremely absorbent 100% cotton mops are ideal for applying large amounts of solvent, lubricant and preservative to the chamber and barrel. Tipton's seven styles of Bore & Chamber Mops range in price from 6.88 to 10.54 euro per three-pack, depending on size.

When it comes to its Best Bore Brushes, Tipton promises not only to meet military standards, but to exceed them, and even believes they are "the best brushes ever offered”. Soft bronze bristles around a one-piece brass core are said to protect the barrel from scratches, yet easily remove lead and copper fouling and powder residue. Wonder if Tipton can deliver on the promise? Try it out. In a pack of three, offers Tipton Best Bore Brushes for only 8.35 euro, with 15 sizes available.

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