, the online shop for reloaders, shooters and hunters

Many readers already know, a European importer for many US brands that has further expanded its range of hunting and outdoors accessories. Based in the Czech Republic, since 2010 has been offering a complete products range for ammunition reloading, including match-grade cartridges, as well as exotic and non-standard calibers. As experienced reloaders, the guys at also offer professional advice and courses. Using their online shop in 4 different languages (English included), wherever you are and wherever you want, you can actually choose among the widest possible range of reloading components and accessories in a very simple way. 

What you can find at

The huge offer includes reloading presses and dies, reloading components, mechanical and electronic scales, optics, cronographs, products for gun cleaning and maintenance, tools, brass cleaners, gun cases, knives and much more. Here are some of the brands you can find at

The Dillon Super 1050 reloading machine at specializes in reloading accessories and products – such as the Dillon Super 1050, the most advanced reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line. 
The Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield for Women at 
The Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield for Women is a discreet protection which attaches to a bra strap and absorbs up to 75% of the recoil energy. You can find it too at
  •  ARES 
  • Ballistol 
  • Battenfeld 
  • Berry's
  • Brunox 
  • Caldwell 
  • CH4D 
  • Dillon Präzision
  • Frankford Arsenal
  • Lee Precision
  • Lyman
  • Pachmayr 
  • RCBS
  •  Schletek
  • Schrade
  • Sellier & Bellot
  • Sierra Bullets
  • Smith&Wesson
  • Starline
  • Tipton

In order to offer customers as much as possible a good shopping experience, employees of the Czech wholesaler and retailer are experienced reloaders themselves and endeavor to always be ready to help and provide their customers with the best possible information before and after the purchase.

E-Max Shadows electronic earplugs by Caldwell Shooting Supplies at
Some of the products you can find at E-Max Shadows electronic earplugs by Caldwell Shooting Supplies.

You can also look for interesting products, discounts and offers by browsing the Facebook page: for example, the high quality and affordable E-Max Shadows electronic earplugs by Caldwell Shooting Supplies, that offers ambient mode function, Bluetooth 5.0, NRR 23 dB, 5 hours of operation, charging dock with integrated battery and touch control. 

Or – just to give you an idea of how various are the products you can find at – a Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield for Women, a discreet and inexpensive recoil protection, which attaches to a bra strap. Super light and thin, the recoil shield absorbs up to 75% of the recoil energy.

Why should I order from the Czech Republic?

Simply because you save money and take no risks thanks to a 24 months warranty and EU legislation. For instance, shipping e.g. to Germany for a package of up to 28 kg is a cheap 8.90 euro. To learn more, visit the online shop.

We already tested a couple of products available at the Tipton Best Gun Vise and Rapid Bore Guide Kit.

The Target Turner is available in the online shop:

 LEE CLASSIC TURRET PRESS KIT                                                   Euro 385,93
 XL 650 CALIBER CONVERSION KIT .357 SIG / 9X25 DILLON     Euro 109,62