From Spyderco, Pattadese knife and other new products

Tributes to the Resolza, the legendary Sardinian knife also known as Pattadese, have not always met with the enthusiasm of knife fans community. On the one hand, every incursion by big companies into the world of the Sardinian knives is seen as a sort of undue trespassing (especially by Italian enthusiasts); on the other hand, it represents a tangible recognition of the popularity even abroad of what is certainly one of the most famous ethnic knives. After all, knowing knives – in particular ethnic knives such as the Resolza, the Kris, the Tanto – is a way to know also the countries where they come from, and knowledge is never a bad thing.

The Pattadese according to Spyderco

As part of its ethnic line, Spyderco proposes the Pattadese, immediately stating that it is proudly manufactured in Italy, which is a good thing. The lines of Spyderco's Pattadese are influenced by the DNA of the American manufacturer, starting from the iconic circular hole that facilitates one-hand blade opening. The knife size is reduced by 15% compared to a standard Pattadese to make it handier. The blade is made from M390 stainless steel, 3.16”/80 mm long and 0.098”/3 mm thick, with a full flat-ground plain edge. The handle scales are black G10 and on the right side they feature a stainless steel wire clip that allows the knife to be carried in the pocket with the tip up. The clip can be removed easily and swapped to the opposite side. The mechanism is a liner lock type. The overall length of the Pattadese is 7.22”/183 mm for a weight of only 2.07 oz/77 g. Definitely, this is a light knife considering its size. The design of the Spyderco Pattadese is not bad at all and certainly thanks to the push of the spider brand will help to further spread the popularity of the Sardinian knife (or vice versa). Retail price in the US is $290, about 240 euros at the present exchange rate, but this may vary due to local taxes. This knife is already available, as well as the others we present here.

The Spyderco Police enters the fourth generation

Spyderco Police folding knife
Now in its fourth generation, the Spyderco Police is a folding knife created for use by police officers and special corps. 

The Spyderco Police is certainly one of the most famous and recognizable knives in the catalog of the spider company. Developed in the 1980s, it was designed expressly for use by law enforcement officers and special corps and its longevity bear witness to its great success on the civilian market too. Now the time has come for the fourth generation of the Police, which comes in a Japanese-made version with a blade made of K390 Microclean tool steel produced in Germany by Böhler-Uddeholm and specially formulated to withstand the rigors of the most demanding industrial applications. Among the most outstanding qualities of this steel when used in knives is its remarkable toughness and edge-holding characteristics. The full flat ground plain edge blade is 4.38”/111 mm long with a thickness of 0.118”/3 mm and an overall length of 9.97”/253 mm. The handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, with a bidirectional texture that makes it particularly grippy whether you work by pushing forward or pulling back. The blued steel clip is on the right side but can be easily removed, by loosening three Torx screws, and repositioned on either side of the handle so that you can carry the knife with the tip up or down. The knife features a backlock mechanism, a convenient and naturally ambidextrous system. The weight of the Spyderco Police 4 is 4.2 oz/119 grams. Retail price in the US is $225, about 185 euros at the current exchange rates.

Mule Team S45V, the Spyderco-branded “mule”

Spyderco Mule Team S45VN fixed blade knife
The Spyderco Mule Team S45VN is part of a project that involves enthusiasts in testing new materials.

To end this overview of Spyderco's new products, we could not leave out this curiosity – the Mule Team, a "mule" or sample knife manufactured in the USA, which represents a real invitation to enthusiasts to experiment by themselves. Within the”Edge-U-Cate” concept, a play on words that alludes to the education towards knifemaking, Spyderco proposes what in fact is a full tang knife without scales. It will be up to the buyers to complete it with the techniques and materials of their choice. But that's not all: the novelty also lies above all in the knife's material, that is the Crucible CPM S45VN sintered stainless steel, a natural evolution of the CPM S35VN, compared to which niobium and nitrogen replace vanadium and carbon to provide even greater strength and edge retention. The Mule Team S45VN for Spyderco is more than a product to sell, it is part of a more articulated project – it is above all a way to collect users' impressions and experiences on this new steel through a continuous exchange of information on its online forum, creating a dialogue between manufacturer and end-users that has no comparison in the world of industrial knives. Basing on the feedback collected Spyderco will decide whether to use this steel also for other knives. Coming back to our Mule Team S45VN, its length is 7.63”/194 millimeters for a thickness of 0.118”/3 millimeters; the blade measures 3.5”/89 mm with an edge length of 3.4”/86 millimeters. The weight is 2.8 oz/79 grams, while the retail price is $50, about 42 euros.

Spyderco new knives specs and prices

PattadesePolice 4Mule Team S45VN
Fixed blade
M390 steelK390 steelS45VN steel
Blade Length: 
3.16”/ 80 mm4.38”/ 111 mm3.5”/ 89 mm
Overall Length: 7.22”/ 183 mm9.97”/ 253 mm7.63”/ 194 mm
0.098”/2.5 mm0.118”/ 3 mm0.118”/ 3 mm
Blade finish: satin
Handle:Black G10FRNNone
Price: 290 USD/240 euro225 USD/185 euro 50 USD/42 euro

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