Weatherby Sorix, the new semi-automatic shotguns

From Weatherby, an all-new semi-automatic shotgun line built on the manufacturer's proven inertia recoil system: meet the Sorix, available in 12- and 20-gauge and designed for hunters and shooters – also including left-handed ones, since the new Sorix utilizes Weatherby's Shift System that allows users to easily swap the charging handle from one side to the other, which is not so common even on modern shotguns. 

Weatherby Sorix video introduction

Weatherby Sorix in 12- and 20-ga with three stock camo patterns

The Weatherby Sorix is manufactured in Italy, but the hand-painted camo brush stock patterns are finished in the U.S. Here, the Storm pattern.

The Sorix is actually manufactured in Italy, but the hand-painted camo brush stock patterns (of which three are available: Midnight Marsh, Slough and Storm) are finished in the U.S. Receiver, barrel and top rib are Cerakoted to help resist wear and elements. But now let's examine the shotgun's features, which are many and interesting. The Sorix receiver has an aggressive competition cut for easier and faster reloading – making it ideal for dynamic shooting – and bolt release button (slammer button), charging handle, and safety are all oversized. As already mentioned, the charging handle can be easily swapped for left-handed users. The safety can be reversed too.

The Weatherby Sorix (seen here in the Midnight Marsh camo pattern) is available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

Barrel length is 28”/71 mm for both the 12-ga and the 20-ga versions; chambers are 3”/76 mm, but a 3.5”/89mm “magnum” chamber is available for the 12 gauge. 

Bolt release button (slammer button), charging handle, and safety on the Weatherby Sorix are all oversized. Receiver, barrel and top rib are Cerakoted.

Magazine capacity is 2+1 rounds in both gauges. The Sorix is optic-ready: receiver is drilled and tapped (8-40 holes) to accept mounts. The stepped rib and LPA fiber optic provides accuracy and swift target acquisition.

Stock cast and fitment are adjustable thanks to the included shims, and features textured touch points for a non-slip grip. 

Length of pull is 14.3”, or 363 mm. Additional comfort while shooting is guaranteed by the soft cheekpiece.

The Slough camo pattern. The Weatherby Sorix features a 28”/71 mm barrel.

The Sorix uses the popular Crio Plus choke system and comes with 5 chokes (cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, full), choke wrench, and a choke tube carrying case. 

Price in the U.S. is $1,499.

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