Weatherby Model 307 Adventure SD, a classic stock for the modern 307 series

The perfect blend of old-school look with a new-age Weatherby action: the Adventure SD is in fact the latest addition to Weatherby’s newest bolt-action rifle platform, the Model 307. At the same time, featuring a fancy walnut stock with rosewood forend and grip cap with maple diamond inlay and spacers, it's a refined tribute to old-school hunting rifles of yore.

Weatherby Model 307 Adventure SD, a customizable platform

The Weatherby Model 307 Adventure SD sports a classic Monte Carlo walnut stock with rosewood forend and grip cap with maple diamond inlay and spacers.

Proudly built at Weatherby’s headquarters in Sheridan, WY, the Model 307 rifle series is meant to complement the historic Mark V and Vanguard lineups – and with a lot of highlights, both aesthetic and technical, including a fluted barrel, 3-piece fluted bolt with tool-less disassembly, externally adjustable (down to 2.5 lb) TriggerTech trigger, all-new bolt release button, and detachable Magpul magazine. The bolt is also equipped with an M16-style extractor for positive extraction and reliable ejection. (If you want to learn more, we introduced the Model 307 rifle in this article.)

The Weatherby Model 307 Adventure SD is available in several powerful hunting calibers. The barrel comes with a recoil-reducing Accubrake.

Interestingly enough, being a customizable 700 footprint platform, the fully cylindrical action is compatible with many 700 aftermarket accessories too. Among them, triggers, rails, mounts, and magazines that exist in today’s marketplace and... stocks. The Adventure SD's upgraded Monte Carlo wood stock is not just a pleasure for the eyes. Its unique shape was designed to divert and disperse recoil, so that hunter can tame even most powerful loadings in the hottest calibers. These include: .240 Wby Mag, .270 Wby Mag, .270 Win, .30-06 Sprg, .300 Wby Mag, 6.5 Wby RPM, 6.5-300 Wby Mag and 7mm PRC. A factory-mounted Accubrake also contributes to a (relatively) mild rifle behavior, thanks to its radial design that helps to evenly disperse gases and reduce felt recoil by up to 35%.

This view of the Weatherby Model 307 Adventure SD shows how sleek the new rifle is. All metal parts have a weather-resistant Graphite Black Cerakote coating.

Magazine capacity is 4+1 or 3+1 (Magnum calibers). Barrel length is 26" (24" barrel + 2" muzzle brake) or 28 26" (26" barrel + 2" muzzle brake), depending on caliber.

In terms of accuracy, like all 307 rifles, the Adventure SD is guaranteed sub-MOA from a cold barrel, using Weatherby factory or premium ammunition.

The fluted barrel. Action, bolt, bolt knob and Safety are all coated in a weather-resistant Graphite Black Cerakote. Yet, notwithstanding the custom rifle feel, the manufacturer is keen to stress that at $1,799, the Adventure SD comes without the custom price. 

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