Fausti Senator 28-gauge

Fausti Senator 
IWA 2016: Fausti Senator hunting shotgun

The elegance and sophistication typical of Fausti guns is more than evident in this small-gauge yet effective Senator Theme 1 28-gauge shotgun, which is quite lightweight and easy-to-handle. It is a shotgun that is guaranteed to catch your eye due to the meticulous attention to detail and the hand-engraved patterns on the action. 

The side-lock shotgun with a coin finish and removable sidelocks we managed to get a close look at was a 28-gauge, but it is also available in the following gauges: 12-16-20-28-.410, with a 70 or 76 chamber. The barrels of the Fausti Senator shotgun are demi-block and come in various lengths, making it a highly versatile gun that can be used with a variety of hunting techniques in different environments. 

The available barrel lengths are 60, 63, 65, 67, 5-71, 73 and 76 cm with fixed or interchangeable chokes to suit the hunter's own particular needs. The gun offers single or double trigger options and automatic ejection or manual extraction depending on the hunter's requirements. 

The custom options of this shotgun extend also to the stock available with a pistol grip, Prince of Wales or English stock to make the gun the natural extension of the hunter's arm.

The Fausti Senator features a combination of elegance and effectiveness, which is also evident in the choice of wood - type 5 oil-finish walnut - with a rubber recoil or wood butt pad. Last but not least, splinter or semi-beavertail stocks complete the custom options on this Fausti gun.

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