Fausti Magnificent: the Over & Under Renaissance

Fausti Magnificent
The chest carefully engraved of the over & under Fausti Magnificent

The recall to art history is still alive in the house Fausti , which stands out for its remarkable sensibility that shows towards this matter. Story that can be touched by hand side-by-side and over&under shotguns that Fausti produces by decades.

History associated with the most modern production techniques, for a result with reliability and elegance. The name chosen for this shotgun is Magnificent , to remember the magnificent historical period in which the great artists of the Italian Renaissance carved their most important masterpieces.

The aesthetics of this over&under is enhanced by the use of the original technique and valuable part of the "Nuovo Cesello", with which you get an amazing combination of style and creativity, that combines two basic elements: the soul of the master engraver, represented by his research and his original designs, and the innovative technology applied to three-dimensional laser, which is a third element of distinction, the sculpture. The chest of the receiver is embellished with one of the symbols of the ancient city of Brescia gun making, the rampant lion, while the portrait of the Roman goddess Nike is depicted on the folder.

These designs along with the name chosen for this superimposed emphasize the historical-cultural chosen by Fausti.

Fausti Magnificent
Right side view of the over & under Fausti Magnificent

The hunting over&under Fausti Magnificent is available in all calibers, with dedicated actions for the 28 gauge and the 16 gauge, and is built in specific preparations for the hunt, and for the various sports.

Looking closely at the incision, the observer sees the quality and design of three-dimensional chiseled embellished with gold inserts, which symbolize both the Renaissance period, and the style of the English and Belgium schools.

A hunter who wish to possess a weapon less " luxurious " from the aesthetic point of view, can choose other representations more oriented to the hunting world as subjects of hunting that will replace the face of Nike in the design of side plates.

The Magnificent is not only refined aesthetics, but technical and reliability too. It is a box-lock type battery with modified Anson & Deeley and dry and precise shots . Both the selective single-trigger, both ejectors and interchangeable choke tubes are standard. The loading happen through the tooth of the rod which moves in opening the two levers of armament, which perform also the function to operate the automatic extraction after the shot , and the opening of the rifle.

Fausti Magnificent
The engravings of the over & under Fausti Magnificent continue on the butt

The versatility of the Magnificent continues with the replacement of spare parts, facilitated by the interchangeability of all components of the weapon acquired with specific settings in the dimensions and machining centers performed on very accurate.

In doing so, is a clear articulation of the work of precision machines with manual finishes, the key to success and uniqueness of a weapon made ​​in Italy.

The closing " Four locks ", a patent Fausti, the bascule and reeds in special alloy steel nickel and chromium -molybdenum steel, are a guarantee of strength and elasticity of the Magnificent. The woods of stocks come from the forests of Turkey, after a careful selection to find the best quality.

The shagreen introduces an original design called " tear of goddess ", in perfect harmony with the attractive design of the weapon, further enhanced by the wooden butt plate with the two steel spikes finely chiseled.

The over&under Fausti Magnificent sets new aesthetic standards and mechanics, who are once again the hallmark of the famous company of Brescia.