Fausti Aphrodite new line of over-under shotguns for ladies

Fortunately, the women who enter the world of hunting and competitions and who rightly require a specific product dedicated to their passion are more than a few. Fausti, far ahead of what has now become a confirmed trend, had already launched – with some success – a "female" version of the DEA side-by-side, the DEA "Lady".

Aphrodite: new Fausti's proposal for lady hunters and lady shooters

With the new Aphrodite round body over-under, designed to meet the needs and peculiarities of female users, Fausti's offer for this sector now becomes more complete and interesting. The experience of a company led by three passionate hunting and shooting women could only result in a product that's particularly well crafted in its technical and aesthetic details aimed to female customers.

So here's the Aphrodite, chambered in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges and offered both in classic hunting and sporting versions. Barrels are available in lengths that can cover any type of hunting and competition, ranging from 25”/63.5 cm to 30”/76 cm with fixed or internal interchangeable chokes. The long forcing cones and the new internal geometry enhance recoil reduction and ensure a better ballistic performance.

Particular attention was paid by Fausti to gun balance, and therefore to ease of swing. In the  Aphrodite over-under these peculiarities are accentuated by the choice of stocks specifically designed for women, from the length of pull up to the "Montecarlo" style that allows for a natural shouldering, not forgetting the proverbial attention to aesthetic detail.

The laser engraving follows the round shape of the body and combines the themes of  ornamental patterns and English scroll with a stylized portrait of the goddess Aphrodite on the bottom of the receiver. It is also repeated on the opening key: completely hand-made, it's a real touch of elegance. The receiver finished in old silver or color case hardened, the selective single trigger, the automatic extractors and the dedicated case, complete the technical specifications of a gun destined to become a new "must" for ladies who want unique refinement and style when hunting or on the shooting range.

For more information on the new line of hunting over-under shotgun please visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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