Benelli Duca di Montefeltro Prestige

The Duca di Montefeltro Prestige semi-automatic shotgun confirms the guiding principles of Benelli company: aesthetic refinement is always linked to advanced technology and continued development. 

Benelli Prestige: shooting test and impressions

Light and with sleek lines, thanks to its 2.6 kg in 20 gauge the Benelli Prestige semiauto is perfect for walking hunts.

We had the opportunity put the Prestige model in 20 gauge to the test, being fully satisfied with the concrete results that go beyond its graceful lines.

We are in fact in front of an extremely light and easy-to-wield shotgun that is fast to shoulder in instinctive shooting, but that does not make you feel the recoil even when firing medium/heavy loads, in our case during pheasant hunting. Well balanced, with sleek lines and well distributed weights that in the 20 ga version do not exceed 2.6 kg up to 3.12 kg in 12 ga. The nickel-plated, hand finished Ergal receiver shows the golden engravings of Giovanelli’s workshop depicting wild game in flight among floral motifs and hunting scenes, two grey partridges on the right side and an English setter on the left side.

On the left side of the nickel-plated receiver, a pointing English setter is inlaid in gold with floral motifs.

Also in this semi-automatic shotgun action is the Benelli inertia driven system with rotating bolt head, quick and reliable in cycling.

The wood used for the stock with pistol grip and fore-end is select European walnut with Wood Fx finish to enhance the grain and protect quality over time. The stock ends with a polyurethane butt pad. To be noted the fine anti-slip checkering, which is important for consistently accurate and stable aiming. The barrels with 76 mm magnum chamber are available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge with 65 and 70 cm length, well suited for both walking hunts and stalking.

The low ventilated rib ends with a high visibility green fiber optic front sight. The Benelli Duca di Montefeltro Prestige comes in a technopolymer case with a pitch and cast kit, internal and interchangeable chokes and key kit, quick release sling swivels, Benelli cleaning and maintenance oil.

The affinity with the Benelli Prestige is immediate – after all it is a gun of exclusive elegance that will certainly satisfy the eye of most demanding hunter and in action it proves effective and fast-shooting.

For more information on the semi-automatic Duca di Montefeltro Prestige please visit Benelli website.

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