Practical test: Benelli Lupo Black in 6.5 Creedmoor

The Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic has a 17-mm diameter cold hammer forged barrel with a 1 in 8” twist rate. It has a 14x1 muzzle thread for moderator or brake. The crown is neat, and the finish is a deep and lustrous polished black which Benelli call BE.S.T. This stands for Benelli Surface Treatment and is applied to the barrel, barrel nut, receiver, bolt handle, so specifically the externals and the points that come into contact with fingers which, depending on your skin chemistry, can be very corrosive before we even consider rain, mud and snow. The rifle is guaranteed for 10 years coupled with a 25-year corrosion warranty.

Benelli Lupo Synthetic in 6.5 Creedmoor: thanks to a creative design approach, it is a characteristically different rifle. Scope and rings are included.

Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic: technical features of Benelli's rifle

The stock is in three pieces, the centre section is an aluminium chassis with the butt and forend bolt in place. This chassis is hard anodised black aluminium and mates precisely with the steel action for zero bedding stress. The buttstock also bolts to the centre chassis and spacer rings are supplied so you can alter cast and drop on the stock to suit the shooter. 

The characteristic angular bolt handle design of the Lupo Synthetic rifle.

There is a lug to transfer recoil from the steel action to the stock’s aluminium bedding block and the trigger guard is part of this too. The trigger unit shows another proprietary design with precision machined sears on view. All the polymer mouldings are crisp with no expense spared on tooling which has clearly been planned to make tens of thousands of units without any mistakes or updates allowed to creep into the design and manufacture process. The Lupo’s push feed bolt has three lugs for 60-degree lift. There is a right-side extractor claw and sprung ejector which worked perfectly. The bolt’s shaft is scalloped to minimise size and weight whilst still allowing the magazine to fit in the rifle with all five rounds pre-loaded, making the gun 5+1 overall capacity. The bolt handle is angularly styled shape with a flattened oval handle, Overall length is 55 mm proud of the shaft, so it remains compact while maintaining acceptable ergonomic shape for fast access, cycling and adequate leverage to extract fired cases from the chamber. 

The complex bolt shape of the Lupo Synthetic avoids any damage to ammunition in the twin column magazine.
Detail of the left side bolt release catch of the Benelli Lupo Synthetic.

The single stage trigger is adjustable from 1000-2000g. There was a tiny amount of creep but predictable enough for a hunting rifle. The twin column magazine can be loaded in or out of the gun. 

The central aluminium chassis of the Benelli Lupo Synthetic allows a secure, stress-free stock/action interface.

It’s fast to refit without snagging and single backup rounds dropped through the ejection port feed smoothly to the chamber. Benelli have opted for an ambidextrous tang safety which moves forward for fire or rear for safe with bolt locked. There is a small button by the bolt handle which allows bolt opening if on safe. The bolt release catch is on the left of the rear action bridge and offers smooth operation with no awkward issues removing or reinstalling the bolt.

Picatinny scope bases are supplied screwed to the action for easy scope mounting. Benelli include a detailed instruction manual with tools, stock spacers, length of pull spacers and a bottle of oil with the rifle as well as a test certificate. This states the ammunition used (Hornady 139gr ELD-X) to produce a 3 shot, 0.88 MOA group at 100 metres. 

Test firing of Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic in 6.5 Creedmoor - accuracy with Hornady ammuniton (ELD and CX bullets)

The Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic offers superb performance with a range of ammunition types.
Factory stated
100 metre 3 shot group



Hornady ELD-M
Hornady ELD-X
Hornady ELD-M
Hornady CX
On the Benelli Lupo Synthetic “progressive” comfort is assured with the telescopic recoil pad design.

The Benelli rifle easily met the advertised standard on target at 100 metres. Benelli Lupo use a progressive comfort recoil pad which deforms in a linear manner and 6 sizes are available to adjust length of pull. 

There are also 3 cheekpiece inserts available to get your ideal fit. I didn’t adjust the cast or drop on the stock, but the Lupo was especially gentle to shoot, the Creedmoor is a soft shooter anyway and in a 5-kg rifle/scope/moderator package, even more easy going. 

The modularity of the stock will make it suitable for a wide range of shooters although the grip is perhaps a little small for larger hands. The forend is rigid and allows the barrel to maintain its full free float all the way back to the action.

The forend of the Benelli Lupo Synthetic is stiff and allows the barrel to free float in all circumstances.

I liked the finger grooves and chequering that gave great tactile shape and grip as well as subtle details like the butt’s underside sling anchor point which is incorporated as part of the stock moulding and won’t snag. 

Balance is neutral without a moderator fitted and the gun is naturally pointable. Further comfort is provided by the soft touch comb insert and the stock doesn’t exhibit any hollow resonance if bumped. 

Benelli use a Cryogenic treatment for their hammer forged barrels and it certainly maintained group size and point of impact over nine, 3-shot strings when heating up during 18-degree weather.

Also in our test: Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x56mm riflescope

When maximum low light visibility is a must, shooters can turn to the Fullfield 3-12x56mm. A large light gathering objective lens and illuminated reticle produce the most visible field in lowlight conditions. Our conclusion: not a premium optic, but it's a remarkable scope for the price. Very clear picture. Here are the technical specifications and the retail price:

  • Magnification, 3-12
  • Objective lens size, 56 mm
  • Illumination, 11 brightness settings (CR2032 battery)
  • Tube size, 30mm
  • Reticle, Ballistic E3, second focal plane
  • Eye relief, 89-97 mm (3.5 - 3.8”)
  • Click Value, ¼ M.O.A.
  • Overall adjustment range, 100 M.O.A.40 - 10 ft.
  • Overall weight, 680 gr (24 oz.)
  • Overall length, 363 mm (14.3”)
  • Exit pupil, 13.7-5.4 mm
  • Lifetime no question warranty
  • MSRP (UK): Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x56 - £580

Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic in 6.5: conclusion of our test firing

Benelli have adopted a creative design approach to make a characteristically different rifle. All rifles must operate as a tool for similarly shaped humans that essentially need the same thing, but it is refreshing to see how the Lupo stands out with easily adapted stock geometry. 

Assured mechanical and corrosion protection: this is what Benelli guarantees for the Lupo Synthetic rifle.

Conversion is straightforward and covered in detail by the instruction book along with length of pull. 

My only real negative comments on the rifle are of the slim grip and slight trigger creep but I love the magazine system and integral chassis layout. 

Benelli’s BE.S.T Coating carries a 25-year scratch and rust resistance warranty alongside the 10-year Mechanical Warranty which is an impressive factor to assure you of long usable life.

Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic -  all technical specifications and price

6.5 Creedmoor (243 Win., 6mm Creed., .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .300 Win. Mag., 8x57 JS, 7 Rem. Mag., 6.5 PRC also available) 
Tested 6.5 Creedmoor version: 24”/ 61 mm long, cold hammer forged, 1-10” twist rate, matt black finish
Other calibers are available in barrel lenghs: 51 cm, 56 cm, 61 cm.

Overall Length: 
1122 mm
Overall Weight:
Length of Pull: 
350-385 mm

Single stage adjustable; pull weight: 1,000-2,000 g

Twin column polymer, 5 rounds
Injection moulded polymer, tactile grip finish
Scope Mounting:
Picatinny bases Included
Prices (UK):

Benelli Lupo Black Synthetic £1,700; Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x56 - £580 (Free with rifle, including the Zee Rings, lifetime no question warranty); Stalon X108 sound moderator, Proofed £395

Prices in UK: Benelli Lupo, Burris Firefield IV and Stalon moderator

  • Benelli Lupo Synthetic in  6.5 Creedmoor - £1,700 (MSRP)
  • Burris Firefield IV 3-12x56 - £580 (Free with Rifle, including the Zee Rings, Lifetime no question warranty)
  • Stalon X108 sound moderator, proofed £395

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