Benelli 828 U Black BE.S.T. over-and-under: more robustness for those who don't mind the weight

A winning trait of the Benelli company has always been the constant research to elaborate firearms or updates of its models with which to succeed in interpreting the different needs of the heterogeneous world public of hunters. Since hunting is a passion marked not only by many subjective implications but conditioned by obvious environmental differences for those who practice it, the possibility of choosing guns with dedicated features really makes a difference. 

Details of the 828U Black BE.S.T. over-and-under

The solid steel frame and Be.ST treatment are the distinguishing features of this version of the 828U over-and-under designed for hunters who appreciate the shotgun's stability and accuracy in medium- and long-range shooting.

In this case, talking about the 828U Black BE.S.T. over-and-under we refer to a shotgun designed for those hunters who do not seek or appreciate the extreme lightness of a gun but want a gun that is accurate and stable when shooting and does not make you feel any vibrations, with a tame and comfortable recoil, durable over time. Although well distributed and balanced, the weight of about 3.4 kg of the Black BE.S.T. with one-piece steel receiver makes it the ideal shotgun for those who practice still or open field hunting, where shots are often challenging and the hunter's movement is minimal, but in the case of our test it proved to be an enjoyable gun even in active hunting. Before the hunt, already on the shooting range the gun's robustness, its accuracy in follow-up shots and the ballistic performance of its barrels with cartridges of different weights were evident.

Benelli 828U Black: the BE.ST treatment allows the hunter to see the shotgun's performance and the metal parts' aesthetic elegance protected from external agents and unchanged over time.

The main feature of the Benelli 828U Black BE.S.T. is its rugged steel frame featuring a special finish that can maintain not only the aesthetic luster of the metal parts and barrels, but also provides durability and resistance to corrosion. The mechanical parts of the over-and-under's action, such as the lock plate and the top lever, are finished with BE.S.T. treatment. The barrels of the over-and-under are Crio Power Bore, with the special geometry that provides selected bores and extremely small diameters, to ensure greater velocity and pattern penetration combined with a cryogenic treatment that increases smoothness and reduces shot deformation, producing a better distribution. The barrels are available in 65, 70 and 76 cm lengths fitted with an interchangeable internal choke kit and featuring a 76 mm magnum chamber. The upper rib is ventilated carbon fiber and ends with a high-visibility fiber optic front sight. The wood used for the stock and forend is oil-finished grade 3 European walnut. The buttstock houses the Benelli's Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system, incorporating flexible buffers that absorb recoil according to the pressure developed by the fired cartridges, reducing the negative effect of felt recoil at the hunter's shoulder. Part of this system is the polyurethane foam comb that dampens vibrations at the cheek by providing soft contact surfaces during shooting.

For better gun customization according to the physical conformation of the hunter, Benelli provides a kit of shims that allows 40 different combinations for cast and drop adjustment. As anticipated in the opening, with Benelli it's difficult not to find a solution or a gun that can adapt to different hunters' preferred type of hunting and way of shooting. 

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