Fausti Stefano Arms from Italy: Let's have a look at the engravings and customization of unique Fausti shotguns

Hunting is not just a sport and the gun with which you practice it is not just "a tool". We are talking about one of the passions that takes life from ancestral drives and instincts that evolved together with the world and nature in which they express themselves. Therefore, in every action and hunting day there are actually rituals and choices that tell the story and the evolution of this activity that in our time is – or should be – included among the cultural and, ultimately, contemplative activities that allow fans to enjoy the combination of wildlife and freedom. 

The search for emotions free from the boundaries and restrictions of everyday life is what drives every hunter to seek out of time moments of rest, fun and reflection that often remain impressed among the most beautiful memories. For this very reason, the gun is not and cannot be just a tool, but represents a symbol that refers to this wider horizon of feelings. To their guns, hunters entrust the hopes and satisfactions of their  hours of freedom. They want a gun that can be relied on in any circumstance and that somehow represents them, witnessing their choices and personality. Welcome to the world of Fausti Firearms for hunting and sportshooting - handmade in Italy for your passion.

The unique engravings on Fausti Arms

Many things can be guessed just looking at a gun on the hunter's shoulder. We will recognize the environments and types of hunting he or she loves the most, we will be able to imagine the wild game that commands his or her attention, and what are the attentions that he or she pays to the gun itself. Simply put, for many hunters their firearm is a kind of talisman that could never be imagined differently from how it actually is. 

In one of our last personal visits to Fausti Arms we had the opportunity to see the making of some particular and personalized engravings that many enthusiasts require from the company, so that they can obtain a gun that can be identifying and significant at a glance, even before they go hunting. The handmade engravings are entrusted by Fausti to the master engraver – in this case, we see the Stefano Muffolini at work, who is engaged in a long and meticulous work to impress into steel the indelible desires of hunters.  

Video: The engraving and customization of Fausti shotguns

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