New Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III over/under shotgun, for hunters in search of the perfect shot

Presented to the international audience during a live event on the web, the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III over/under shotgun represents the natural evolution of the Silver Pigeon I and is designed for hunters in search of the maximum effectiveness and reliability typical of the 680 series, an attractive look and a superior class wood stock.

A rugged and eye-catching over/under

Beretta Silver Pigeon III over/under shotgun
The ejection system of the Silver Pigeon III is the same as on the proven Beretta 680 platform.

The 687 Silver Pigeon III receiver, derived from the glorious 680 series, features a slim and elegant shape, characterized by the tried and tested locking system with the iconic trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs. The engraving on the receiver reproduces some wild birds in flight and is made with the latest 5-axis laser technology, embellished by bas-relief areas creating a pleasant contrast effect that highlights the floral motifs and the evocative hunting scenes.

Looking at the shotgun from above you can appreciate the new engraving of the opening key, the elegant design of the frame and the motif on the receiver shoulders, aligned with the motif on the junction of the upper barrel.

The gold-colored trigger is single selective, the selector being located on top of the tang safety that, with a simple and quick lateral movement, allows you to select the barrel for the first shot. The ejection system, reliable and sturdy, is the well-tested system used on the 680 platform that boasts more tham one million guns in use for over 30 years.

A classic and modern stock

After years of dominance of matt finished wood furniture, on the 687 Silver Pigeon III we finally see the return of a wood finish that enhances the grain of the class 2.5 walnut furniture, protecting it from rain and humidity of the environment at the same time.

All this is combined with the excellent ballistics guaranteed by the Steelium tri-alloy steel barrels with Optima Bore HP chokes. The 20mm MicroCore butt pad ensures comfort and safe support, with excellent recoil absorption.

New Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III over/under shotgun
The Beretta Silver Pigeon III over/under is available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore.

The Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III is available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore with 3”/76 mm (Magnum) chambers. All gauges feature the famous Beretta Steelium tri-alloy steel barrels available in 67 cm, 71 cm and 76 cm lengths, characterized by deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum relieving.

The special geometry, with an 80 mm double forcing cone, is designed to provide excellent performance, with perfect and uniform patterns, reducing recoil and muzzle climb. The 6x6 top rib is ventilated and finished with a fine anti-glare checkering. The spherical steel front sight is a clear reference to the most exclusive Beretta over/under shotguns. The 12 and 20 gauge models feature 70 mm Optima-Choke HP chokes, which are also perfect with steel shot. Lenght of Optima Choke HP chokes in 28 gauge model is 50mm. The .410 gauge version is equipped with the traditional 50 mm Beretta Mobil Choke chokes. Weight is 7,2 pounds (12 gauge, 28" barrels).

The price of the new Beretta Silver Pigeon III over/under starts from 2399 euro.

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