World novelty: Sako 90 bolt-action rifle – Introducing the successor to the Sako 85

The new Sako 90 hunting bolt-action rifle enters the market with a combination of proven and new features. Basically, the new 90 is a bolt-action rifle with a three-lug bolt and five different action sizes offered. This is intended to provide weight optimization and an optimal bolt-cycling experience. Sako places great emphasis on this. Thus, the Finns have paid special attention to the manufacture of the bolt and receiver to ensure particular smoothness there. According to the manufacturer, the hunter can cycle the rifle and remain exactly on target.

Other features of the new Sako 90

Sako attaches particular importance to good bolt cycling properties. Also visible, the adjusting screw for adjusting trigger pull weight.

Another new feature of the Sako 90 is the differentiated action: it comes with a Picatinny rail or a classic 17-millimeter prism rail. In addition, all models have a cold hammer-forged barrel, some of them with a carbon wrapped barrel.

The rifles are equipped with a lever safety acting not only on the trigger, but also on the firing pin, also locking the bolt handle. To allow safe unloading, the Sako 90 has a button in front of the safety that can be used to release the bolt with the safety on.

The hunter can also adjust the trigger of the new rifle without disassembling it: In front of the trigger blade is a screw that allows the selection of five different trigger pull weights. The trigger as such also offers the possibility of perfectly adjusting the position to the shooter's trigger finger.

Other features of the Sako 90 depend on the model. Seven models are available.

All 7 models of the new Sako 90 at a glance:

Sako 90 Quest Ultra: A particularly lightweight rifle with Sako carbon fiber stock and high ergonomics. The stainless steel barrel is carbon fiber wrapped. The rifle comes from the factory with a muzzle brake for comfortable shooting, even with large calibers.

Sako 90 Quest: This also comes with the Sako multi-adjustable carbon fiber stock and is characterized by high ergonomics. It lacks the eye-catching color scheme of its sister model Quest Ultra as well as the carbon fiber wrapped barrel (here the stainless steel barrel is Cerakoted).

The Sako 90 Quest model. The Sako carbon fiber stock is clearly visible.

Sako 90 Peak: According to Sako, one of the lightest rifles on the market. Accordingly, the rifle with carbon fiber stock is perfectly designed for the needs of the mountain hunter. It also comes with a muzzle brake and an integral Picatinny rail for optics mounting.

Sako 90 Bavarian: As the name suggests, a more traditional rifle with a Bavarian-style hog’s back walnut wood stock and optional open sights. It particularly addresses the needs of the Central European hunter. The Bavarian is also equipped with a set trigger.

Classic for Central Europe: the Bavarian model of the new Sako 90.

Sako 90 Adventure: This model of the new series is characterized by particular resistance to weather conditions. The adjustable stock is reinforced with fiberglass and the action is Tungsten Cerakote-coated. It also comes with a fluted barrel.

Sako 90 Hunter: This is also a more classic rifle with walnut stock and open sights. For example, for driven hunt or the high seat. Barrel can be either blued or stainless, bolt is stainless steel. The new Sako 90 Optilock interface for optics mounting is included.

Sako 90 Varmint: A rifle for long-range varmint hunting, it comes with stainless steel action and barrel and a birch-laminate stock with raised Monte Carlo comb and wide-bottom forend. The free-floating heavy stainless steel barrel is fluted.

Depending on the model variant, the surfaces are finished with a Cerakote or Tungsten Cerakote or are simply left in stainless steel.

The rifles are available in a very wide range of calibers. in addition to the "classics", more unusual calibers are also on the list. Barrel lengths are 61, 57 or 51 centimeters, depending on the model and caliber. According to our information, prices for the new Sako 90 start from 2,500 euros.

At we hope to be able to hold one or the other model of the new Sako 90 in our hands and test it soon. We will then keep you up to date here promptly. Stay tuned!

For more information about the new series Sako 90 please visit the Sako webpage.

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