New Sako 100, the ultimate rifle for explorers

Besides being an elegant example of Nordic style, thanks to a robust all-metal structure the new Sako 100 is an all-environment rugged gun. Other features such as the switch caliber option, interchangeable wood or carbon stocks, the adjustable trigger mechanism and adaptable ergonomics actually make it a rifle suitable for any hunting scenario, hunting style and weather condition. But let's go in order.

New Sako 100, the ultimate rifle for explorers 
Two interchangeable stocks are available: the Sako 100 Explorer Wood features a high quality walnut stock, while the Sako 100 Explorer Carbon, seen here, has a stock with 360-degree weaved carbon. 

Sako 100, switching calibers

New Sako 100, the ultimate rifle for explorers 
In both the Wood and Carbon models, the cheek piece is adjustable. In the Sako 100 Explorer Carbon length of pull can also be adjusted with spacers.

The switch-caliber structure of Sako 100 allows for quick caliber change simply by using the torque wrench supplied with the rifle. Barrel change is very easy and only includes the following steps: 1. Take the bolt off. 2. Unscrew the barrel using the torque wrench 3. 

Change the barrel and fix it into its place. 4. Lightly tighten the screws. 5. Slide the bolt back in place and close the bolt. 6. Tighten the screws to 7 Nm with the torque wrench. The switch-caliber rifle can also be stored and transported in more compact form. 243 Win, 308 Win, 6.5 CM, 6,5x55 SE, 270 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 8x57IS, 9.3x62, 300 Win Mag, 7 mm Rem Mag and 375 H&H are the calibers that can be used on the Sako 100 platform. 

Whatever the caliber of choice, the Sako 100's aluminum V-bedding still provides contact with the full length of the receiver for reliable and consistent accuracy.

Two interchangeable stocks are available with the Sako 100 – or better, two different styles, with the classically luxurious Sako 100 Explorer Wood and more contemporary Sako 100 Explorer Carbon. The first has a high quality walnut stock featuring a schnabel-like fore-end and Monte Carlo comb. The second model comes with a stock with 360-degree weaved carbon used in RTM-manufacturing that provides unparalleled torsional rigidity and soft-grip surfaces. Just like changing your dress for different contexts, the stock structure makes it possible to replace the wooden stock with carbon fiber stock or vice versa.

On the Sako 100 the trigger pull weight can be adjusted on a 6 step system  without any disassembly, with weight of pull ranging from 750 g to 1750 g. The trigger can also be moved forwards and backwards with a movement range of 7mm. For further versatility and adaptability, the Sako 100 can be adjusted to fit different body shapes, shooting positions and hunting styles. In both the Wood and Carbon models, the cheek piece is adjustable, while in the Sako 100 Explorer Carbon length of pull can also be adjusted with spacers (sold separately).

More features of the Sako 100

New Sako 100
The Sako 100 features manual cocking, or "handspannung", as the default safety option. An option for firing pin safety is also available.

The list of premium features on the Sako 100 does not end here: for a perfect balance , all-metal operational parts of the rifle are constructed using light-weight anodized aluminum and carefully chosen steel grades. Receiver and barrel are protected by a Cerakote Elite technical ceramic coating. 

The bolt of the Sako 100 has received a diamond-like coating, a process that involves firing atoms towards the steel surface in a high vacuum forming diamond-like structures on the metal and results in unparalleled durability, smoothness and resistance to wear. 

From a mechanical point of view, the Sako 100 also features manual cocking, or "handspannung", as the default safety option – the rifle is cocked only when the manual cocking button is pushed. An option for firing pin safety is also available.

As for the action smoothness, through a machining technique called broaching, a unique key-shaped interior is cut inside the receiver which ensures that the bolt moves effortlessly for a flawless feed and minimized sound signature. The magazine itself is an all-metal, staggered, double-row type and top-loadable, which makes it possible to load the magazine without removing it from the rifle. (Each caliber size has it's own magazine for optimal operation.) Every Sako 100 rifle is supplied with a hard transport case.

How about price? For the moment, it has not been communicated yet. The manufacturer just says that Sako 100 rifles will be available at local dealers globally during Q4 2022.

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