Discovering the Cosmi Rigato rifle: from the project to the first field test – including our exclusive video

About a year has passed since Cosmi presented the new Rigato semiautomatic rifle to the hunting public in 2020. A new declination of this historical rifle, to which the company gave a modern guise, met the favor and appreciation of those who recognize the quality and style of Cosmi's unique firearms. Starting at the beginning of 1900 with Rodolfo Cosmi, the history of this Italian excellence has reached its third generation. Since the introduction of the first semiautomatic long-recoil break-action model in 1920, the project has remained faithful and almost unchanged in its mechanics, while the materials used have been continuously updated to optimize weight, improve performance and broaden the range of use in various types of hunting.

the Rigato version of the Cosmi semiautomatic
An elegant and exclusive firearm in its own way, the Rigato version of the Cosmi semiautomatic is designed for wild boar hunting.

Initially conceived as a semiautomatic firearm for waterfowl hunting and stalking due to its balance and the capacity of its tubular magazine placed in the buttstock, that allowed hunters to load up to 8 rounds, thanks to the new titanium models the Cosmi has got today to be a lightweight and enjoyable rifle also for walking hunts. Since Luca Gaeti, entrepreneur and passionate hunter, arrived in the Cosmi management in 2018, the Italian company has started new projects that expand and complete the offer of Cosmi rifles. The Rigato semiauto is the first of these. We are going to show you its unique features and workmanship, up to a first test on the field.

Development of a gunmaker: From the semiautomatic shotgun to the Cosmi Rigato rifle

The finish of Cosmi rifles is on request
The finish of Cosmi rifles is on request. Our tested rifle is part of the limited edition series “Omaggio a Firenze” (Homage to Florence) with the engraving on the frame's bottom depicting the Porcellino fountain and the fleur-de-lis, symbols of Florence.

The development of the Cosmi Rigato imposed some changes. First of all, it was decided to start from the frame of the 28 ga shotgun, its dimensions being more suitable to accommodate rifle calibers. At this time, the Rigato is available in a choice of two calibers: 45/70 gov. and .444 Marlin.

The tubular magazine imposed the choice of lever action calibers. In fact, this way it is easier to avoid unwanted discharges as a result of the gun's recoil or particularly violent impacts.

The reinforced frame proved to be very resistant in all the stress tests to which the rifle was subjected. The bolt is also reinforced, as it must withstand higher pressures.
All the mechanics are made from the highest quality steel and the finish is at the hunter's choice. The engraving in our case was made on the color case hardened frame and is a tribute to Florence and Tuscany, the land of wild boar hunting. In a limited series of 20 pieces, the boar of the famous Porcellino fountain and the fleur de lis – the symbol of the city of Florence – are portrayed on the receiver bottom.

Video Cosmi Rigato by From the project to the field test

The Cosmi Rigato action

The Cosmi Rigato's steel-reinforced frame
The Cosmi Rigato's steel-reinforced frame and upper receiver enclose the action of the famous semiautomatic rifle. Size is the same as the 28-ga shotgun receiver.

The Cosmi Rigato is based on break-open action with long recoil operating system. The two parts of the action are closed by a bolt acting on a central lug. Two other lateral lugs, at the rear sides of the upper receiver, engage in two corresponding recesses completing the rifle locking system. In order to disassemble the gun, it is sufficient to remove the fore-end, as in a common semiautomatic shotgun, and at this point the assembly will separate like a normal  open-action firearm.

The stock of the Cosmi rifles is Caucasian walnut briar
The stock of the Cosmi rifles is Caucasian walnut briar, hand-finished and polished. It can be customized according to the buyer measurements in length, drop, and cast.

In the frame is the trigger assembly, the hammer and the tubular magazine. A push-button system limits the magazine to the capacity required by hunting regulations. All the mechanical components, about 100 pieces, are interlocked and require a total of about 400 hours of work to complete the gun. Cosmi rifles guarantee three levels of safety – the open gun is in fact totally safe, the hammer requires to be cocked manually, and the usual slide safety on the tang can block the trigger at any time when the gun is loaded. 

While the smooth-bore barrels of semiauto shotguns are traditionally drilled from solid blanks using a boring lathe with the integral lug being milled directly on the barrel, for the Rigato Cosmi has chosen a partner of excellence, using barrels manufactured by Krieger, and the lug is therefore welded on. As for sights, in addition to the iron front sight and a rear notch with folding leaves, the Cosmi Rigato has pivot attachments for the fitting of optics and red dots. Cosmi rifles' buttstocks and fore-ends are made from Caucasian walnut briar, hand-finished and polished. Drop, cast and shape can be customized according to the buyer's measurements. The handmade fine-pitch checkering follows longitudinal lines on the pistol grip and forend.

The iron sights of the Cosmi Rigato 
The iron sights of the Cosmi Rigato include a rear sight with folding leaves. Driven hunting optics and red dots can be fitted too.
For the barrels of the Cosmi Rigato
For the barrels of the Rigato, Cosmi selected a partner of excellence such as Krieger.

Our first shooting test with the Cosmi Rigato

Before going hunting – which we will certainly do in order to tell you about the performance and emotions that the Rigato will make us feel in the woods – we decided to proceed gradually through a quick outdoor shooting session to get the first impressions of the rifle in the field.

We mounted a Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24 riflescope on the 45/70 gov. chambered Cosmi Rigato rifle we tested. Zeroing took place outdoors, which allowed us to evaluate the first shots on a target at a distance of 50 meters, consistent with driven hunts. The test was carried out using 325-grain Hornady Lever Evolution ammo in 45/70 gov. In terms of grouping we achieved very good results, with three close shots between 9 and 10 on the target.

When fired, the Cosmi Rigato proved to be fully manageable with a mild recoil that makes follow-up shots easier. Cycling is reliable, safety always guaranteed. We are waiting for the hunting moments that will reveal other interesting details about the swing, the effectiveness and the satisfaction that the Rigato seems to provide.

All Cosmi guns are completely handmade in-house. Each gun is assembled from 100 parts, requiring over 400 hours to finish, and each part is carefully and individually machined from solid stock. The Cosmi is so finely made, balanced and blueprinted that no screws are used in the assembly. Every gun is custom made to the client’s specifications. The Cosmi Rigato rifle is available in the following calibers: .45/70 and .444 Marlin. Prices start at 13,900 € excl. VAT and lead time for each Rigato is about six months.

The Cosmi Rigato is pleasant to shoot
The Cosmi Rigato chambered in 45/70 gov. is pleasant to shoot and easy to manage thanks to its mild recoil that also makes follow-up shots easier.

For more information on the Rigato rifle please visit the Cosmi website.

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