"Wear your hunting passion": Cosmi introduces its clothing line designed for hunters and leisure

In the beginning was... the Field Jacket

 the Cosmi Field Jacket
The whole and the details that make the difference in a garments like the Cosmi Field Jacket, to be worn with pride in every occasion of life.

The first time I met Luca Gaeti – now owner of Cosmi –  was also the first time in my life that I understood the meaning of the word "envy". Of what? Simple, of a jacket! I mean, not just any jacket, but "the jacket" that he wore with total nonchalance and confidence over an impeccable gray suit. It was green, vintage-looking but clearly brand new. It could look out of place yet nothing could be more appropriate, given the human "type" who was wearing it: a hunter, all-round!

In fact, today Luca is not just the owner of Cosmi, the company that manufactures the legendary break-action semi-auto shotguns. He is someone who has always been frequenting Africa for his safaris; the mountains and the woods of half of Europe from November onwards to hunt woodcock and woodcock; the reservoirs of half the world for exciting duck hunts. In short, he is an all-around, proud hunter!

And the Cosmi Field Jacket was and is just that: the topographic map of an existence. The map for the territories of the soul of a different man – of every different man proud to wear it and show what he has inside. The cut is that of a classic field jacket, only better finished and with every detail and pocket made with care and in the right place. Shakespeare said 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on”.  And his and our dreams are there too, embroidered cotton on canvas, into the fabric weave of a jacket that scented with hunting even the air all around.

In addition to the green stone washed color, a Markhor head, a buffalo, a beautiful mallard, a woodcock in flight on the shoulder like a chevron, and a lion almost hidden inside the collar lapel decorate the garment, giving a lived-in look.

Nothing is left to chance, and in fact, like a high class shotgun, we also have an "engraving": on the lining, because things with a soul are beautiful even where the eye can't see them, like in gothic cathedrals.

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Cosmi Fashion jackets, vests and t-shirts collection

Anyone who thinks that the Cosmi collection is all along the lines of the Field Jacket is wrong, however. Just as hunters are not all the same, even in terms of tastes and passions, so are the garments of the Cosmi collection representing them. That is, we could define them as clothes for different ways of understanding hunting and life. Let's discover them in detail, up to the accessories.

Cosmi Chiodo Donna, the leisure jacket

Cosmi Chiodo Donna jacket
Cosmi Chiodo Donna jacket, inspired by the classic Schott jacket, is an icon of country life style for women. 

A unique and exclusive leisure jacket, like every product of the Cosmi brand. The legendary jacket, an icon of all the “bad boys” and – as in this case – of the "bad girls" of every latitude and culture, including the most extreme metropolitan ones, from bikers to greasers, rockers, up to punk and post-punk! Starting from Marlon Brando – who in "The Wild One" was able to make his Schott jacket a world-known icon.

The Cosmi Chiodo Donna features a cut inspired by the original Schott model but with a modified and lengthened, more snug fit.

Instead of the traditional horse leather, we find high-quality British cloth, to evoke the world of British-style hunts that are the quintessence of style in hunting, up to fox hunting. The titanium buttons machined from solid billets and engraved further characterize it. A further feminine touch can be found in the heather pink of the outer edgings and the linings, made exclusively for Cosmi, as well as in the silk inserts on the sleeves that have an original design inspired by the most classic engravings of high-class firearms.

Cosmi men's vest for hunting and outdoor

Cosmi vest 
Cosmi vest of clear British inspiration, combines elegance and refined fabric with a great practicality.

The same quality, mood and style in a vest for leisure time and hunting, unique and exclusive. Starting from the color, heath green, it is a hymn to the strict British style and tradition.

In fact, in addition to the very rigorous and sartorial cut – it looks like it was designed in Savile Row – it features British cloth of the highest quality for the main body, as well as an Indian silk lining.

Practicality does not succumb to elegance – quite the contrary. So here is a double back pocket to keep everyday objects within reach. Not least those used for hunting, from knives to anything that might be useful.

Buttons are titanium, machined from solid billets and engraved – just like the most exclusive Cosmi semi-autos. The internal linings still recall the works of the burin masters both in style and graphics.

Cosmi Overshirt i
A little bit jacket, a little bit shirt, the Cosmi Overshirt is a perfect garment for after hunting or a practical and casual urban style, always elegant thanks to its top-leveò finishes, cut and materials.

Cosmi Overshirt, a jacket for autumn

In a Blue Navy color, on the other hand, is the most unexpected item in the collection: an overshirt to wear after hunting and on any other occasion of the day. In true hipster and country gentleman style.

Perfect for spring and autumn, with a turtleneck in matching or contrasting colors, it fully replaces the jacket for a casual and "showy" elegance. A real must-have.

Features in terms of materials are the same as the leather jacket and vest, right down to the smallest details and the "engraved" linings.

Cosmi T-shirt for leisure time

The Cosmi T-Shirt made from 170g polyester  technical fabric, fully breathable, is a product of superior quality. Embroidered with 3 needle stitching, it is perfect for leisure time, being an ideal quality technical garment even for Sporting, Skeet or Trap shooting sessions.

Matched with the cap, with its blued gunmetal color, it's designed for those who always live life as a hunter and a shooter.

The collection is completed by a range of technical and themed accessories, all to be discovered and worn.

For more information on the Cosmi clothing line please visit the manufacturer's website.

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