Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T.: range test of the high-precision bolt-action for shooters and hunters

Our test with Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T.

At the 200-m line, we tested the new version of the Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T. rifle in .308 Winchester firing a rather quick string of shots. We found this intermediate distance useful for evaluating the most frequent shots for hunters and as a good range for shooters as well. Using Federal Premium 170-grain ammunition, we immediately appreciated the stability of the rifle which once positioned, thanks to the design that provides ample support surfaces, remains almost motionless and accurate on target.

The clean and sufficiently light trigger helps a natural shot release, that surprises the shooter as it always should in calm and accurately aimed shots. The standard muzzle brake contributes to both the accuracy and overall stability of the rifle, where each detail contributes to the final performance. The contact surfaces of the height-adjustable comb are comfortable, and the grip is good, allowing you to reach the trigger safely and precisely. In combination with Steiner Ranger optics, our results were four shots all well aligned and very satisfactory final groupings. The action of the BE.S.T. is fast and smooth, the bolt handle on closing requires some positive force while still remaining practical and quiet in a hunting situation. Overall, what pleasantly surprises while also making shooting fun is the stability provided by the rifle rigidity that is fully manageable and mild on the shoulder when firing. With its overall weight around 4.3 kg, the Lupo rilfe in HPR version can be a very reliable hunting companion from the high seat for selective hunting and challenging shots where the certainty and accuracy of the result does not allow compromises.

Video: Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T. range test

Details of the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. rifle

Compact, aggressive in design and durable in any environment thanks to the technologies and materials used, featuring fully adjustable and forend, the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. is guaranteed by Benelli to achieve 0.75 MOA accuracy with 5 shots fired at 100 yards in all weather conditions. Technopolymer stock and forend with brown finish and Air-Touch checkering make the rifle's appearance instantly recognizable and pleasing. 

The adjustable stock allows shooters and hunters of different builds to find the right setup for precision shooting. 

Starting with the stock, you can see how the rifle can easily switch from hunting to shooting configurations through the adjustable comb whose height can be varied up to 40 mm with 8 different positions simply by pressing a button. Inside the stock blade, we find the Benelli Progressive Comfort system for a progressive reduction of felt recoil according to the loads fired. Length of pull is adjustable and it is possible to vary it by combining the 2 different recoil pads with the 2 spacers provided. In the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. drop and cast an be adapted to the different builds of hunters and shooters. The 2 interchangeable grips allow you to change the grip (long range shooting/hunting) by yourself. The compact and ergonomic profile also makes the rifle easy to carry thanks to the quick-release attachments on the stock and fore-end. The combination of steel upper receiver and aluminum lower receiver ensures maximum structural rigidity, increased weight and full stability when firing.

Benelli's BE.S.T. treatment protects the bolt and barrel of the Lupo rifle from external agents, ensuring durability and functionality.

The 5-round double-stack magazine in the supplied version is perfectly integrated into the rifle's design and features a high cartridge presentation, so that cartridges are chambered smoothly. Also the trigger guard integrated into the lower receiver ensures a natural hand position and better trigger reach. The trigger pull weight is easy to adjust, from 0.99 to 2 kg. The M-LOK slots on the stock (2 configurations possible) and 6 M-LOK slots on the fore-end (12 configurations) allow you to accessorize the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. as well as mount a bipod and a monopod. The wider fore-end has a design that helps support in long-rnge shooting. Moving on to the heart of the action, the three-lug fluted bolt is protected by Benelli's BE.S.T. treatment that ensures corrosion resistance and a smoother action. Also protected by the BE.S.T. is the Crio barrel with 1:11“ twist in .308 Win. It is 61 cm long and fluted for faster heat dissipation. Included is the muzzle brake that improves accuracy and reduces felt recoil. A not insignificant detail is the Picatinny rail with which the Benelli Lupo HPR is equipped, made in a single piece, with 30 MOA pre-tilt to increase the scope adjustment range in elevation.

Optic and ammunition used during our test: Steiner Ranger 3-18x56 and Federal Premium Gold Medal Match in .308 Win.

During our test, the Lupo HPR BE.ST rifle was equipped with a Steiner Ranger 3-18x56 variable magnification scope, with excellent sharpness and brightness, ideal for long range shooting, especially in twilight hunting situations with poor light and low visibility. Additional information that may be useful especially to hunters is related to the scope compactness and durability. Dust, dirt and moisture can't penetrate during hunting action into the inside of the scope. Thanks to Steiner's nitrogen filling, fogging or condensation are impossible. Operating temperature ranges from -25 to +65 °C also do not impact functionality, and all adjustment controls can be used without problems. In the long range shooting context we referred to in the test with the Lupo HPR, it may also be interesting to note that the Steiner 6 scope is equipped with Zero Stop technology for long distance shots. After adjustment, the elevation turret can always be reliably turned back to 0. As for ammunition, in 200-meter shooting on the range we used Federal Premium Gold Medal Match .308 Win. ammo dedicated to precision shooting, with Sierra Match BTHP bullets weighing 168 gr. The ammunition and Crio fluted barrel combination gave excellent results in terms of accuracy and consistency in our case.

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