Benelli Lupo awarded with the Golden Bullseye Award for 2021 Rifle of the Year

That the Lupo, Benelli's first bolt-action rifle, was a concentrate of patented and exclusive technologies designed to guarantee optimal results was evident from its presentation. After careful evaluations and the first tests in the field, its strong points were confirmed, earning the Lupo a prestigious award from the National Rifle Association (NRA) American Rifleman magazine, which awarded the Benelli bolt-action rifle the Golden Bullseye Award for 2021 Rifle of the Year.

Benelli Lupo: quality and technological innovation recognized

This important award recognizes products that stand out for excellence, quality and innovation. Lupo is the only bolt-action rifle featuring a chassis construction with a steel action and an aircraft grade light alloy lower receiver with integrated trigger guard. The fully modular polymer stock and optional combs allow the user to customize every detail in 36 possible combinations also thanks to the Perfect Fitting kit, consisting of shims and spacers. Furthermore, length of pull can be adjusted by adding recoil pads and spacers. In the stock too, the combination of Progressive Comfort and Combtech technologies allows a reduction in perceived recoil, optimizing shooting comfort and accuracy.

The steel action has a functional and modern design with a 60° bolt throw that allows fast follow-up shots. The 3-lug locking system is coated with the special BE.S.T. treatment developed by Benelli to ensure greater strength and precision to the mechanics of its firearms. The Crio-treated, free-floating barrel of the Benelli Lupo is made from cold hammered steel, with a guarantee of sub-MOA accuracy. All these technologies condensed into the Lupo have made the Benelli gun 2021 Rifle of the Year.

A curiosity for new hunters and shooters: what is a MOA?

A MOA (Minute of Angle) corresponds to about 1 inch at 100 yards (91 m) or about 3 cm at 100 m. Many firearms and optics manufacturers use the MOA to indicate the accuracy of their products. A rifle that is described as capable of "sub MOA" (less than 25 mm) groupings – as in the case of the Benelli Lupo – should provide groupings within 2 inches (50 mm) at 100 yards  These parameters suggest the quality Benelli guarantees with its Lupo.

Video: features of the Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle

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For more information about the Lupo rifle please visit the Benelli website.