Hunting with Zamberlan Baltoro Lite boots: our test in mountain trekking and driven hunting

The design of the Baltoro Lite boot 
The design of the Baltoro Lite boot is attractive, available in two colors – Musk and Brown – with high visibility inserts and lacing.

Zamberlan is one of those companies that pay great attention to listening to technical opinions or simply to the expectations of hunters who are in the field on a daily basis. In fact, requirements change in different environments and in practicing different types of hunting, so hunters need to take the necessary precautions that, during those intense days dictated by this passion, can make all the difference, to the benefit of their health first and then for their pleasure. The design of the Baltoro Lite boot allows the hunter to move freely, but with the pleasant and reassuring feeling of having their ankle well-protected against sprains and imprecise movements. Despite its medium height the boot is very light and allows quick and free movements. Available in two colors – Moss and Brown – with high-visibility fitting inserts, the Baltoro Lite is an aesthetically appealing technical boot as well as a high-performance one that can be used not only for hunting but also for complementary trekking or dog walking activities.

Technical details of the Zamberlan Baltoro Lite boot

the Vibram Starlite outsole
The Zamberlan Baltoro Lite's fit is wide and comfortable, and the Vibram Starlite outsole ensures grip on rocky and muddy terrain.

The durability and waterproofing of the Baltoro Lite boot comes from the 2.2 mm thick Hydrobloc Perwanger Leather and Cordura upper and the Gore-Tex lining which ensures the hunter the correct foot thermoregulation. As for lightness and stability, the weight of the Baltoro Lite does not exceed  21.37 oz/606 g and the wide last comfort fit is designed for a secure and comfortable foot support. Not only that: to support the weight exerted by the body and to absorb the shocks resulting from walking on uneven ground, the Eva midsole and the 3-mm Flex insole are added. The Zamberlan Vibram StarLite outsole completes the picture of the fundamental technical features and ensures a secure and solid grip even on the most insidious, muddy or uneven surfaces.

Our field test

Zamberlan Baltoro Lite
The bottom of the boot is shock absorbing thanks to the Eva midsole and the 3-mm Flex insole, the weight of the Baltoro Lite is only 21.37 oz/606 grams, ideal for walked-up hunting but also for the long waits during driven hunts.

At the beginning of the hunting season I received the Baltoro Lite boots from Zamberlan with the purpose of evaluating their quality during various hunting trips. Starting the boots test in the mountains at the beginning of October, with temperatures still quite warm, I could first appreciate the lightness that did not fatigue or slow down the walk. Good fit especially in the ankle area and protection from impacts against stones and other obstacles both in the toe and in the heel. A session of hiking among the Dolomites peaks gave me a full confirmation of my first positive impressions.

It's November and for a few weeks now I have been hunting almost exclusively in the woods, among other things at this time very often in the pouring rain that seems to give no respite. These are difficult and not very pleasant conditions for hunting, but they have given me the opportunity to test the waterproofness of the Zamberlan boots and their grip on constantly wet or muddy ground. Even in this case results were positive: even in the worst days when it was necessary to completely change my wet clothes, the Baltoro Lite boots allowed me to continue hunting but above all to avoid seasonal illnesses by keeping my feet dry and warm when the outward appearance of the boots did not let me hope so. The test was fully passed, therefore, not only in walked-up hunting that I practice every day, but also in two circumstances in which I found myself waiting for hours for a good opportunity to hunt wild boar while at my stand, impatient with the length of the wait, but helped by the comfort of my boots, indispensable for alleviate the unease situation. Once again I can confirm the quality to which Zamberlan has accustomed us. 

Zamberlan Baltoro Lite boots specs and price

Baltoro Lite
Hydrobloc Perwanger Leather – Cordura
Upper Thickness: 
2-2.2 mm
GoreTex Performance Comfort
Flex 3 mm * PE
Zamberlan Vibram StarLite
Zamberlan Comfort Fit
from 40 to 48 including half sizes
21.37 oz/606 g (Size 42)
259 euro

For more information on the Baltoro Lite boot please visit the Zamberlan website.

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