Deerstalking Fair 2018 in Scotland

The Deerstalking Fair will be held indoors across two exhibition halls. The unique event focuses purely on the deerstalking industry and is a popular meeting place for everyone with an interest in deer

Whatever your level of involvement in deer is, be it novice, recreational, professional, or educational, there will be something for you at the Fair. Deer industry related products include clothing, footwear, rifles, scopes, head measuring, UK shooting, and associated industry organisations will be found at the Fair: British Association of Shooting and Conservation, British Deer Society, CIC, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, and Scottish Association of Country Sports. 

CIC head measuring at the Deerstalking fair.
CIC head measuring at the Deerstalking fair.

Perth based VenatorPro, a recent newcomer to the market, will be exhibiting at the fair for the first time, and showcasing their Hillman clothing range. Venator MD and stalker, Kenneth Larsen said, “2018 is a busy and exciting year for VenatorPro, and we are delighted to be taking part in the fair, and showcasing our deer stalking clothing, and accessories. We are looking forward to meeting other stalkers, and will have some dedicated show offers on our stand. See you there!”

BASC stand at the Deerstalking Fair
The BASC stand at the Deerstalking fair.

Organiser and deerstalker, Brian Lile said: “We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the 5th annual Deerstalking Fair. In addition to the products on display, we put together a programme of events and demonstrations that offer a 'best practice', educational platform ranging from skinning carcasses, butchery and cooking with venison, training and working with deer dogs, rifle accuracy and reloading and so on. There will be something for everyone, and an opportunity to learn something new and pick up handy tips.”

Viking Arms will be attending and sponsoring the fair, in conjunction with Meopta. Rudi Van Kets, president of the Vlaamse Zweethonden Groep, will be traveling from Belgium, to give talks about deer dog tracking, he has over thirty years’ experience and his talks are very popular.

Visitor trying out products at the Deerstalking fair.
Visitor trying out products at the Deerstalking fair.
Visitors looking at night vision scopes at the Deerstalking fair
Visitors looking at night vision scopes at the Deerstalking fair.

Deerstalking Fair 2018: location and ticket

The 40-acre site is located on the outskirts of the Historic town of Kelso, offering ample parking and access for visitors and traders. There is a variety of local accommodation available in the town and surrounding area.

The entry price remains the same as previous years: £10 per person, under 16’s go free. Parking is also free, and is located next to the venue.

For more information about the DEERSTALKING FAIR 2018, please visit the offical website.


Who is our author Linda Mellor?

Linda Mellor is one of Scotland’s foremost shooting, fishing and hunting female writers and photographers. She is the product Ambassador for Venator Pro, a premier hunting company and stockist of the European brand Hillman. With a lifetime of countryside experience, Linda’s passion, enthusiasm and respect for the outdoors and hunting is explored and shared across her writing and photography. 

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