New for 2021: Kahles Helia 42 RF binoculars with built-in rangefinder in two versions, 8x42 and 10x42

New for 2021, the Austrian company Kahles is presenting the new Helia 42 RF rangefinder binoculars, the further improved successor to the successful Helia RF model. Even more refined measuring technology now allows precise measurements of target distances up to 1500 meters, a 50 percent increase over the previous model. The binoculars will be available in two versions with 8X or 10X magnification value while the  front lenses diameter is the same, namely 42 millimeters.

The binoculars Kahles Helia 42 RF
The Kahles Helia 42 RF will be available in two versions with 8X or 10X magnification.

The lens technology of the Helia rangefinder binoculars enables a sharp view of details with high resolution and natural contrast. The intuitive use menu ensures easy operation and enables fading/switch to the patented EAC (Enhanced Angle Compensation) function for angle compensation, the Long Range (LR) function for measuring simple targets up to 4500 meters and, in addition, to the display of ambient temperature and air pressure. The range of hunting-relevant functions is rounded off by the scan mode, which enables continuous measurement of moving targets, as well as the crisp, high-quality OLED display, which provides an even more accurate marker of target distances.

In addition to the standard (linear) distance measurement, the even more precise Kahles-patented EAC (Enhanced Angle Compensation) function, based on the classic ballistics formula known as the Rifleman's Rule, can be calculated and displayed for the most precise hit. While the Rifleman's Rule provides the linear distance based on pure mathematicas, the EAC function provides a more ballistically relevant basis.

The five brightness levels are manually adjustable in a simple way – without accessing the menu – and offer the fastest possible and focused adjustment of the display to the given lighting conditions, which prevents automatic or unintentional changes). The energy management has also been improved and now offers an even longer battery life (up to 4000 measurements).
The ergonomic arrangement of the buttons for the individual functions and the pressure point for the rangefinder function make it very easy to carry out observation and measurement tasks simultaneously. The Helia 42 RF's non-slip rubber coating and various controls are designed for ease of use and, together with the rugged, water-resistant aluminum housing, offer the best protection under the most unfavorable conditions and a pleasant feel.

Special features of Kahles Helia 42 RF rangefinder

  • Easy and reliable targeting up to 1500 meters (5000 feet) on common hunting targets
  • Simple and intuitive menu navigation
  • Patented EAC (Enhanced Angle Compensation) function for angle correction
  • Long-Range (LR) function for ranging simple targets up to 4500 meters
  • High-quality OLED display with 5 manual brightness levels and meter or yards display
  • Scan mode, temperature and air pressure indication
  • Extra long battery lifetime of up to 4000 measurements

The new Helia 42 RF, compatible with the existing family of Helia binoculars, will be available from July 2021 in specialist stores in two magnification versions (8x42/10x42) at a price of €1730 each.

Kahles Helia 42 RF rangefinder specs

Model:Kahles Helia 42 RF 8x42Kahles Helia 42 RF 10x42
Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 
Eye Relief (mm): 
18 16 
Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 
Pupil Distance (mm): 
58-7358-73 m
Twilight factor (ISO 14132-1):
Field of view (m/1.000m): 
122 107 
Field of view (°): 
Near focus:
5 m5 m
Diopter Compensation (dpt): 
± 4± 4
Measure Range - Standard (m):
5-1.500 m5-1.500 m
Display type:OLEDOLED
Brightness Levels
Measurement duration: 
1 s1 s
Display Auto-off: 
5 secondi5 secondi
Height x Width x Depth Approx (mm): 
145 x 132 x 73 mm145 x 132 x 73 mm
Weight (g): 
900 g900 g
Laser category:
Battery Type: 
CR2 Lithium (3V DC)CR2 Lithium (3V DC)
Battery lifetime:
~ 4.000 range cycles
~ 4.000 range cycles
10 years10 years
Guarantee Electronics: 
2 years2 years
Operating Temperature (°C): 
- 10 / + 55- 10 / + 55
Accessories:Ocular and objective cover, carrying strap with quick release fastener
Ocular and objective cover, carrying strap with quick release fastener
Price:1.730 euro 
1.730 euro 

For more information on the Helia 42 RF please visit the Kahles website.

Buying advice: binoculars numbers and terminology explained

What do indications like "8x42" or "10x42" mean?
The value "8x" (the first digit, e.g. 8x42) indicates the apparent magnification of an object with the binoculars. The second value (here 42) stands for the objective lens diameter. A magnification of 8x means that an object at a distance of 800 meters appears as if it were only 100 meters away. Magnifications of 8x to 10x are particularly well proven for binoculars. Larger values are often not useful, because the optics then have to collect more light, which requires larger lenses, among other things. This makes the glass larger and heavier for some manufacturers, so that on the one hand it can no longer be held steady and on the other hand it becomes too heavy especially for use in hunting. At a high magnification, the field of view (the visible section of the image at 1000 meters) also becomes smaller. Consequently, you have to track 10x binoculars already a bit more than comparable 8x binoculars (with the same objective lens size), if you observe e.g. a moving object. Kahles offers both versions of the Helia RF 42. Same price, same weight – that is remarkable.

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