KAHLES Helia RD: the red dot sight for driven hunt 

The  KAHLES  Helia RD compact reflex sight is especially designed for driven hunt. With a unique anti-reflection coating for undisturbed visibility and a precise 2-MOA red point for a minimal target coverage, it's the ideal sight for intuitive shots.

The Kahles Helia RD mounted on a Pedersoli Boarbuster rifle
The KAHLES Helia RD can easily be mounted on a Picatinny rail.

The anti-reflection coating ensures high image quality without disturbing reflections over the entire field of view. The red dot in the middle of the crosshair can be manually adjusted in 4 settings for different lighting conditions. In addition, the automatic switch-off ensures energy-saving operation. For precise adjustment or sighting in, the KAHLES Helia RD also features an easy-to-feel "Easyclick" adjustment mechanism.

KAHLES Helia RD red dot sight on a Pedersoli Boarbuster 
A good solution: the spare battery in the protective cap.

The robust and attractive design not only ensures simple operation, but also makes it easy to replace battery by opening the battery compartment on the side. In this way, the KAHLES MRDS does not have to be removed from the gun. This means there is no need to zero again – the risk of misalignment is virtually eliminated. Another good idea from KAHLES: a slot for a spare battery in the orange cap. This makes it easy to find the cap and battery in the heat of the moment. Also included is a Picatinny-Weaver mount or, alternatively, an adapter plate for common European red dot mounts. 

KAHLES Helia RD: technical data

Model: KAHLES Helia RD
Price: 400 euro (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties)
Magnification: 1.0
Window: 26 x 22 mm
Impact correction / click: 15 mm / 50 mm
Adjustment range E/W (m/100 m): 4.0 / 2.5
Length: 55 mm
Weight: 42 g
Red dot size: 2 MOA
Brightness adjustment (manual): 4 steps
Battery type: CR2032
automatic switch-off, cover cap with spare battery slot and Picatinny/Weaver mount

KAHLES Helia RD: wrap-up

KAHLES Helia RD on a Pedersoli Boarbuster,right side
With a compact driven hunt rifle like the Pedersoli Boarbuster, the KAHLES Helia RD makes a good team.

"We thought about launching a sight for driven hunting that offers features that others cannot offer" stated Josef Kampfer, head of PR & Communication Strategy at KAHLES, in an interview at IWA 2019. And it's true. The anti-reflection coating ensures an excellent image. The clearly visible 2 MOA red dot of does not cover too much of the wild game body and helps the hunter to capture his target perfectly. Side and height adjustments can be easily achieved with the supplied Allen key and are protected against unintentional adjustment when hunting. 

The side-mounted battery compartment eliminates the need to zero the gun after changing the battery. Which is not too often the case: the automatic switch-off turns the KAHLES Helia RD to standby mode after 3 minutes and to complete switch-off after 4 hours. And should a battery change be necessary, a spare is always included. KAHLES workmanship is beyond reproach and it cut a good figure in the test on a Pedersoli Boarbuster in .45-70 Gov't.

Further information about the Helia RD can be found on KAHLES website.

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