Test GECO 1.7-9x44i, the lightweight all-round hunting riflescope

The compact 1.7-9x44i from GECO
The compact 1.7-9x44i from GECO performed well both on the shooting range and in the field. A Compass II rifle from Thompson/Center served as the test gun.

The name GECO has long since ceased to stand exclusively for the manufacture of good ammunition. Since the 1930s, Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO) has also been associated with binoculars. The brand's history goes back 130 years, so it's no surprise that the guiding principle of providing affordable “quality products in the service of hunting and sport” has been extended to include riflescopes and red dot sights. 

With the new payoff "where excitement starts," in 2021 the brand is repositioning itself in communications with a refreshing website and is also introducing  the riflescope in the 1.7-9x44i adjustment range. 

Whether the promised enthusiasm with the new all-round hunting riflescope actually materialized was something that had to be tried out in practice.

Products overview: which riflescopes are available from GECO?

The manufacturer divides its riflescopes into the Gold, Standard and Black lines, with the inexpensive Standard line offering the greatest variety. The range here includes ten different scopes and extends from 3-9x40i to 4-12x42 and 6-24x50 to classic optics for the hunting blind like the 3-12x56i. The compact test sample with a fivefold zoom factor can be found in the GECO "Standard Line". The glass was used on a Compass II from Thompson/Center in .30-06 Springfield, which we also already tested.

Test GECO 1.7-9x44i scope 
As usual, you adjust the diopter compensation on the eyepiece of the GECO scope. In front of it, the grippy, ribbed magnification adjustment ring.

The GECO riflescope 1.7-9x44i in detail

Initially, there was some skepticism as to whether the magnification range of up to a maximum of 9x would be sufficient on the 100-meter range. However, these doubts were immediately dispelled after we had placed the first group of shots cleanly on the target in the test. On the matte black anodized eyepiece, the brand's name can be found on the right and left, and the model designation can be read at the top. 

A rubberized ring on the eyepiece protects the eyebrow from recoil-induced "scope bites", and can be adjusted to the user's appropriate diopter by twisting it with a flick of the wrist. The magnification adjustment ring is triple-ribbed for better feel, and also has a small ridge to make turning it easier on the hand. 

This "shark-fin" is between the 3x and 4x adjustment range. It takes 180 degrees of rotation to switch between the lowest and highest magnification levels.

Operation and features of the GECO 1.7-9x44i riflescope

 the GECO 1.7-9x44
On the left of the main tube of the GECO 1.7-9x44, you adjust the intensity of the illuminated dot. The reticle adjustment offers clicks from 1cm to 100m.

On the left of the main tube is the classic adjustment for the brightness of the illuminated dot. Here you can choose continuously between eight different brightness settings. Even at the brightest level, the illuminated dot does not shine too brightly, nor does it overpower the target in an unpleasant way. The power management appears to be very practical. If you forget to turn off the illuminated dot after a mission, it switches off automatically after three hours of inactivity. On top of the main tube sits the turret for elevation adjustment. One click corresponds to one centimeter at 100 meters in the 1.7-9x44i's mechanism. The scale of the elevation adjustment can be clearly read and the individual clicks engage cleanly. The magnesium protective cover provides double ribbing and is very easy to screw on and off. On the right side of the main tube, the same construction can be found: the clicks on the windage adjustment turret also correspond to ten millimeters at a distance of 100 meters. The mechanics of this model worked cleanly in the windage adjustment too and the individual clicks not only clicked perceptibly, but also audibly. You would look in vain for a Parallax adjustment system in this model – it is factory-adjusted at 100 m, for European hunting optics from many manufacturers a common range for parallax, and for everyday hunting a practical adjustment. For the price range around € 800, this is fine.

At the lowest magnification, the field of view at 100 meters is a respectable 27.5 meters, and at 9x magnification it is still 4.6 meters. The type 4i reticle was selected. This is located in the second image plane on the GECO 1.7-9x44i, so the reticle does not magnify when the magnification is turned up and always appears the same size at all levels. The reticle 4i is based on the well-tried reticle 4. It consists of thick outer bars at the sides and bottom, combined with fine inner threads that form a cross in the center of the reticle. The upper bar always remains consistently narrow. The inner cross is illuminated with a red dot for better target acquisition, even in poor lighting conditions.

The GECO 1.7-9x44i ZF is suitable for these applications

Test GECO 1.7-9x44i
Whether in stalking, walked-up hunting or blind hunting, compact optics like the  1-9x44i are always a practical option.

The claim to create a universal riflescope has been well fulfilled. A hunting all-rounder always ideal for every hunting occasion, the scope from GECO in the adjustment range of 1.7x to 9x is certainly not, but it completes the range with a very interesting and inexpensive optic. The perfect field of use for this model is stalking, driven hunting or blind hunting (more on this below). In the mentioned areas, lightweight scopes with a large field of view are a guarantee for hunting success. During a stalk, game is approached as closely as possible on foot. 

Any unnecessary weight is only a nuisance. The magnification is perfect for a good shot both at dusk and in the early morning hours. The situation is similar for use in a driven hunt. In narrow forest aisles, it is usually worth using red dot sights without magnification. The 1.7-9x44i offers a practical alternative here. The illuminated dot and reticle do not obscure the target. The image is clear and the edge sharpness is also very good. 

The slim and compact scope also cuts a fine figure in a blind. In combination with an attachment, a bulky scope with a mighty 56 mm objective lens is no longer necessarily needed these days. All in all, the model is certainly a good choice for young hunters as well.

GECO 1,7-9 x 44i riflescope specs and price


GECO 1,7-9 x 44i

Price:799 euro (RRP in Germany)
Objective Lens:44 mm
Overall Length:13.18"/ 335 mm
Main Tube:30 mm
Click Adjustment:1 click corresponds to 1 cm at 100 m
Elevation Adjustment:Not specified
Windage Adjustment:Not specified
Parallax Adjustment:100 m
Weight:21.16 oz/600 g

Test conclusion: our opinion on the GECO 1.7-9x44i

For a price of just under 800 euros, you get a really great riflescope and also the promised enthusiasm came completely without side effects with a broad smile during test firing.

What can play an important role for a purchase decision: this GECO riflescope is so light and handy that it is virtually predestined for the use of an attachment / thermal imaging device. Especially also for the blind at night, because for technical reasons with the attachments anyway only a maximum of 5x magnification is possible and the combo thus still remains very handy on the gun.

 What we liked:

 What we found less good:

Good optic: clear image and high edge sharpness

No parallax adjustment

Universally usable for stalking and driven hunting or for blind hunting

Relatively low weight (well suited for night vision)

Pleasant, practical operation - also for young hunters

For more information about the 1.7-9x44i riflescope please visit the GECO website.

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