Zamberlan Sequoia: a mountain boot for the new hunting season

The boot lines that Zamberlan offers to hunting and trekking enthusiasts are different in design and materials. We tested the Sequoia model in the field and we describe it in detail here. It’s a boot dedicated to winter hunting in the mountains and in the most challenging conditions. Ruggedness and protection for the foot are among the priorities of this boot whose midsole technical features have been also well studied to ensure comfort and thermoregulation to the hunter during his hunting trip.

Zamberlan Sequoia: details and versions available

Zamberlan Sequoia: a mountain boot for the new hunting season
The high construction and the soft nubuck ankle collar support foot movement and walking.

Two versions of the Sequoia are available. We tested the one featuring the higher construction – the Top GTX version – for greater support when walking on mountain terrain during walked-up hunts. For hunting in hilly environments or on more accessible terrain, the lower version is also available, the Sequoia GTX. Obviously, materials and technologies are the same: sturdy Hydrobloc full grain leather uppers for total external impermeability, while the Gore-Tex inner linings guarantee thermoregulation and waterproof breathability. The attention to foot comfort both when resting and when rolling has been optimized thanks to the soft and flexible insole and the nubuck collar at ankle height. In this way, the hunter will feel less fatigued in different hunting situations, both in movement and when waiting, thanks to a soft support in the main points of traction and body weight discharge.

A rubber toecap increases the the Sequoia boot ruggedness and protects the foot against stones or brambles in the woods. The Vibram Schwarzwald sole, featuring a particular tread design with wide channels for a self-cleaning action, guarantees grip and long wearing.

The weight of the Sequoia Top GTX boots is 29 oz / 820 grams, justified by its construction and the sturdiness of the materials used to guarantee stability and support even to hunters with a more robust build.

For more information on the new Sequoia boot please  visit Zamberlan website. 

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