Zamberlan Polar Hunter boots: when snow and ice are no obstacles to hunting

Zamberlan company won well-deserved prizes and awards during 2020 thanks to the Polar Hunter model – one of the most recent and innovative hunting boots also thanks to new patents that the company has conceived to improve comfort and practicality of this footwear in the field. The name Polar Hunter clearly suggests the intended use of this boot that we tested during winter hunting and on several mountain hikings.  

Polar Hunter boot in the field: our impressions and technical considerations

The Polar Hunter's integral Kevlar gaiter protects
The Polar Hunter's integral Kevlar gaiter protects against impacts with rocks or brambles, and the neoprene collar and internal padding enhance comfort.

The combination of different materials and new technologies are the strengths of the Polar Hunter, which combines the ruggedness of a Kevlar upper with the softness of the neoprene ankle collar; the integral gaiter is rightly stiff on the outside while the inside of the boot is warm and well-padded. Flexibility is certainly not outstanding in this model, which is compensated by a stability that makes the hunter feel secure in the walk even in difficult terrain conditions where the Vibram Ghiaccio outsole with Artic Grip inserts for better grip on ice perform properly. 

The BOA Fit System 
The BOA Fit System allows you to easily adjust the fit and lacing with the simple pressure and rotation of a dial on the side of the boot.

Footwear fit is excellent and adjustable through the innovative BOA Fit lacing system, practical and fast to use as well as to unlace. The dial in the new side position is a winning choice, easily reachable without the need to lift the pants and adjustable at any time during the hunting action even when wearing gloves. A light inward pressure is enough to engage and outward pressure is enough to release the Boa system and keep the foot in a resting position during breaks and before resuming walking. Finally, good thermoregulation and water resistance – two essential constants to which Zamberlan has pleasantly accustomed us over time – are featured in this model too. 

Once again, even if we move in the most adverse environments and weather conditions, taking off the Zamberlan boot at the end of our day will give us the pleasure of finding our feet warm and dry, an essential requirement for any hunter. The weight of about 29 oz/800 g thanks to the adjustable fit is easy to manage and does not make the walk too fatiguing.

All in all, the Polar Hunter has proved to be a successful combination of experience and research on the part of Zamberlan, that in the choice of materials and their assembly through a particular design and new technologies offers hunters and mountain enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the pleasure of walking and hunting even in the most demanding winter conditions. Thanks to its thermoregulation capacity, this boot is not only suitable for walking hunts, but also for those types of winter hunting that require long waits and stalking where the right foot temperature ensures the hunter's well-being and concentration. 

Details and features

The Polar Hunter's Vibram Ghiaccio outsole
The Polar Hunter's Vibram Ghiaccio outsole features Artic Grip inserts for grip on wet and particularly slippery surfaces.

The boot is equipped with a Vibram Ghiaccio outsole with Arctic Grip inserts for excellent grip even on wet ice. The Kevlar upper ensures abrasion resistance on contact with dense vegetation, brambles or rocky terrain. The neoprene ankle collar of the Polar Hunting boot is soft and flexible to provide maximum freedom of feet movement. Compared to the footwear of the same category on the market, the Polar Hunter GTX RR model offers optimal lightness and ease of use. 

The Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining and the felt insole with aluminum layer provide excellent insulation against low temperatures. The BOA Fit System integrated in the gaiter allows precise lacing adjustment without the hunter having to remove the gloves. Details that make all the difference after many hours of walking or waiting, when hunters can keep their feet warm and dry while staying focused on the action. Features in terms of design and technology are those of a unique hunting boot.

Zamberlan Polar Hunter boot
We tested the Zamberlan Polar Hunter boot and it proved to be stable and warm during the cold hours of hunting, so in our opinion it is suitable for both walking hunts and stalking in the winter season.


  • Abrasion-resistant Kevlar upper
  • Waterproof, breathable and thermally stable thanks to the Gore-Tex lining in its warmest version (Insulated Comfort)
  • Vibram Ghiaccio outsole, designed for traction and grip even on wet ice, thanks to Arctic Grip inserts on the tread pattern
  • Zamberlan Wide Fit for enhanced comfort
  • Protection of the upper from scratches and abrasion thanks to the rubber band
  • BOA Fit System for lacing adjustment without taking off gloves

Video: Zamberlan Polar Hunter field test

Zamberlan Polar Hunter boots specs

Polar Hunter
Lining:Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort
Insole:Flex 4mm + PE + aluminium layer
Midsole:EVA wedge
Outsole:Vibram Ghiaccio
Last:Zamberlan Wide Fit 
Sizes Available (EU):39-48 (including half sizes)
Weight:29.8 oz/845 g (size 42)

For more information on the Polar Hunter boot please visit the Zamberlan website.

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