Zamberlan 970 Grouse GTX RR, sturdy boots for hunters

Introduced by Zamberlan in 2019 for hunters who love walked-up hunting in the woods and mountains, the Zamberlan Grouse GTX boot is particularly sturdy and suitable for both rocky environments and dense undergrowth. Stable, waterproof and comfortable, it accompanied us on many hunting days this season, including a long trip to Lithuania to hunt woodcocks in wet and often dense forests where even weather changed abruptly, without ever being a problem for the boot. A dynamic and protracted hunt like woodcock hunting cannot ignore reliability and comfort of footwear, which is why we want to show you the Grouse GTX in action.

The Zamberlan Grouse GTX RR boot is designed for hunters engaged in long walks in any type of rough terrain, , from lowland woods with dense undergrowth and often rich in thorny plants, up to the mountains.

Video: hunting with Zamberlan Grouse GTX RR boots in Lithuania

Zamberlan Grouse GTX RR: boots for rugged mountain environments

The  full-grain leather upper  boasts a special treatment that makes it anti-scratch but at the same time guarantees lightness and fit comfort. Moreover, since it uses natural materials, your feet can enjoy excellent breathability. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining is ideal for outdoor activities with moderate temperatures, ensuring  waterproofness and breathability,  while outer surface waterproofness is guaranteed by Hydrobloc treatment. The protective rubber reinforcement adds further protection.

The Zamberlan Grouse GTX boot adapts perfectly to both dense undergrowth and rugged mountain environments.

The wrap-around ankle design makes the boot comfortable, while the soft and shaped instep avoids any discomfort and chafing. The good internal volume has been designed to ensure space in the foot front area, with the possibility of toe movement. The arch is accentuated, supporting the foot and unloading the spine.

The Zamberlan Grouse GTX RR features Zamberlan Vibram StarLite soles,  which allows you to hunt in total safety thanks to the shock-absorbing EVA wedge and the wide toe and heel support area for better grip. The outsole grooves allow for a self-cleaning action and do not allow debris and soil to stick. The multi-directional and deep tread pattern optimizes thrust and traction and, if necessary, the pronounced heel offers a sure grip.

Like all Zamberlan footwear, the Grouse GTX RR is also manufactured in Italy, in the Torrebelvicino plant by shoemaking artisans, respecting a tradition that goes on since 1929.

The new Zamberlan Grouse GTX RR boots use a special Tuscan leather, hand-treated and particularly strong.
The enveloping ankle design makes the fit comfortable.

Features of theZamberlan 970 Grouse GTX RR

  • Gore-Tex lining for waterproofing and breathability
  • Ankle joint for greater comfort during walking
  • EVA wedge for lightness and cushioning
  • Protective rubber reinforcement
  • Extremely durable leather
  • Color: Waxed Brick

Zamberlan 970 Grouse GTX RR: technical data

Hydrobloc Full Grain Waxed Leather (printed)
Upper thickness:
0.09” – 0.10” / 2.4 mm – 2.6 mm
Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
Nylon 0.11“ / 3 mm + PE
EVA Wedge
Zamberlan Vibram StarLite
Zamberlan Backpacking fit
EU 40-48 (including half-sizes)
Weight: 27.75 oz / 730 g

For more information about the new 970 Grouse GTX RR hunting boots, please visit the   Zamberlan  website.

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