Hear nothing, experience everything: Hausken brings its updated silencer website – with video and audio

Experts in acoustic mechanics for over 30 years: the Norwegian manufacturer Hausken specialized in the development and production of high-quality silencers back in 1992. Since 2022, Hausken has been part of the internationally active Beretta Group, which in turn brings close ties to the best-known gun and ammunition manufacturers.

The silencers are manufactured on the most modern machines. All parts are hard anodized for maximum durability. The sophisticated design, precise manufacturing and high-quality materials guarantee maximum noise reduction performance, always with low weight and compact dimensions. On the new Hausken website customers can now find all the information they need about the extensive range of silencers and accessories. By the way: the website can be conveniently switched from English to German, French and, of course, to the home language Norwegian in the top right-hand corner.

Innovative product database on the new Hausken website

The "Power of Stillness", in other words, the Hausken slogan. And with Hausken silencers you can master the silence... 
Where does Hausken come from, what is behind the technology from Norway? In Hausken World you can find out more. 
Dealer locator, FAQ, catalogs, manuals and instructions – all this can be found in the download section. 

The freshly redesigned website presents a comprehensive product database that enables users to discover the perfect silencer, which in turn is tailored precisely to their requirements. Whether customers are looking for ultimate noise reduction or for their personal application, the product search leads the way to the optimal technical solution, all done interactively by asking specific questions about the intended use to filter out the right solution. All of this is framed by impressive photos, informative videos, appealing animations and audio content, all of which illustrate the performance capabilities of Hausken products. In the specially created menu item Hausken World, the company reveals many details about the company founder Hans Petter Hausken with an exciting interview, plus the latest product news.

Under Service & Support there is just that: the dealer search, a FAQ with the most important and frequently asked questions, and under Downloads the individual brochures, care instructions and user manuals to save.

Hausken website: a tool to try out (click into the image, scroll all the way down) allows direct comparison of different sounds with corresponding decibel indication (most effectively experienced through headphones). 

The Sensory Protection section enables comparisons that you may not have known before (scroll all the way down!): even if the noise is not completely eliminated even by the best mufflers, the ears are increasingly protected already from a magnitude of more than 20 dB attenuation power (sound pressure level reduction). The rule of thumb applies: only 6-10 dB sound pressure level change sounds twice as loud or quiet in the individual noise perception. This means that the sound pressure level would be consistently reduced even with the most compact MINI models, and the shot noise would be significantly less of a burden and danger to the shooters and those around them. Brief and sporadic bursts of up to 130 dB would no longer cause substantial damage to hearing and the sensory organs. In the same menu item you will also find information and videos on the topics of sight and touch: attenuator technology from Hausken to experience.

And so the manufacturer invites interested customers to discover the website for themselves: "Explore the world of silencers on various pages and gain insights into the numerous benefits they offer. Learn more about noise reduction, increased shooting accuracy and the protection of your sense of hearing and sight. The meaty content will help you make informed decisions." We at all4hunters.com can only agree with this – the image gallery can only hint at what you can expect "live" at www.hausken-silencers.com...

New assortment structure of Hausken silencers: JAKT, WHISPER, MINI, HYBRID TITAN - the perfect product for your individual needs

The universal Jakt silencers are available in various diameters (45-60 mm), lengths (151-224 mm), colors and as on- and over-barrel designs. For an additional plus in damping performance with the stainless steel mesh as XTRM models, or as a Magnum-ready titanium core variant.
The Long Range specialists Whisper XTRM and Whisper Mega XTRM guarantee gigantic power, even for Magnum calibers! Best silencing performance of up to -43 dB, guaranteed by a sophisticated & robust over-barrel design in a 70-mm diameter. Special stability for mild recoil and excellent deployment concentration.
462 (!) different silencers, 112 accessories – all to search and filter in the database.
The smallest and the lightest Mini on-barrel silencers for the smaller calibers. With an overall length of 128 mm and two different diameters of 35 and 45 mm, these models efficiently protect users' ears.

By the way, we also have an overview of the new Hausken silencers for 2023 ready, including the presentation of the new Jakt Hybrid Titan JD224Ti silencer and the innovative Quick-Lock adapters.

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