BS Planet full HD action cam glasses

We tested the BS 562 Full HD glasses with built-in micro camera and video recorder during the hunting season.

BS 562 Full HD glasses: features

BS Planet 562 glasses
BS Planet 562 glasses are comfortable and easy to use. They have 3 interchangeable lenses of different colors, with a camera placed at the center of the frame.

It is a very practical and light action cam and once the glasses are worn they become an integral part of the wearer’s view.

Simple in operation, a side power button immediately starts the recording that can be stopped or switched to photo mode with the same button.

There are three interchangeable lenses of different colors.  The BS 562 glasses can be used even without lenses. The cam recording is therefore hands-free, through the lens placed in  the center of the frame and the recording is stored in an additional micro-sd memory card  up to 32 GB.

Micro-sd memory card of the BS Planet full HD glasses
Recordings of hunting actions are stored in an additional micro-sd memory card up to 32 GB.

The camera  of these glasses records videos in Full HD (1080 P) with good sound, takes photos up to 15.0 Mega Pixels and features a very wide recording angle of 142°. It has internal rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with an autonomy of 1.5 hours in video mode and 8/10 hours in "photo" mode.

Totally water-resistant, they are available in black and camo version.

The BS 562 glasses allow you to relive, even after months or years, every action and detail of a hunt or any other sporting activity with the same perspective with which you actually saw it, without the perception of sudden movements but with the possibility of capturing scenes or small details that you could have missed at the time.

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