BS Planet 4000 Go.Far wireless antenna

The revolutionary BS 4000 Go.Far wireless antenna is compatible with all new BSPlanet products and those already on the market for years, as well as being compatible with future ones. It works with all the technologies: receiver, transmitter, wi-fi. It's also compatible with GSM modules.

BS Planet 4000 Go.Far
By positioning the BS 4000 Go.Far antenna in a strategic place in your hunting area, you can monitor your dogs.

BS4000 Go.Far allows you to locate dogs equipped with BSPlanet radio-collars even in those extremely difficult situations where the position could be unattainable with any other type of radio-GPS product.

BS4000 Go.Far is also suitable for connecting via wi-fi with another device – even a simple smartphone – and see the dog position on it .

This intelligent system is equipped with all the latest integrated technologies and is an open system capable of other functions and features too.

An interesting feature is its ability to automatically exchange information related to BS Planet  radio-collars between different Go.Far devices, creating a sort of "BS Planet network" that  allows for an almost unlimited range of radiolocation.

BS4000 Go.Far is therefore a wireless system with an extreme sensitivity in reception that will significantly increase the chances of locating a BS Planet radio-collar even in extreme conditions that are almost impossible to reach without this system. An obvious advantage for those who need to monitor their dogs engaged in long distance hunting.

For more information on the BS4000 Go.Far wireless antenna please visit BS Planet website.

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