Woodcock hunting with Zamberlan Aspen GTX boots

It was a hot summer day when the Zamberlan boots that would be the protagonists of the hunting season in the woods – the one I love the most – arrived. Already at first sight I confirmed the positive impressions suggested by the technical features of a boot designed for mountain and hunting. 

Zamberlan Aspen GTX boots in the woods
The Aspen GTX boots have all the features to guarantee waterproofness and safety thanks to the Gore Tex liner and the Vibram outsole.

The Aspen GTX model had already been tested by trekking enthusiasts and, thanks to the safety and comfort it provided, it was also made available to hunters in the Zamberlan hunting catalog. The field test already started during the first outings of the hunting season, given the boot's lightness that does not exceed 700 grams. Even the heat and dry terrain were not a problem, but the woods and the mountains were the environments where I wanted to find confirmation. What better occasion than a hunting day in the woods of the Fiordimonte Valley, Italy, in the company of my friend Luca Ascani, who never spares me intense days among hornbeams and junipers in search of those mysterious emotions we call woodcocks. 

A cold morning at the end of November sees us hopeful and ready to leave, the northern winds are favorable and a heavy rain that preceded our meeting has undoubtedly contributed to improve the conditions of the ground, that is now ready to host the migrating woodcocks. The dogs watch us impatiently as we choose the areas to explore but the wait for the return to the woods is now over for them too; time to get ready and we will go hunting. We set off while our happy setters precede us, dividing their search in different directions. This is the beginning of a day made of few words and a lot of walking, among the silence, the colors and the freedom that the mountains can offer. The march and its tempo are uninterrupted along paths and woods often thick with evergreens. Fortunately, the tempo is often broken and enlivened by rushes and accelerations. In these moments being able to remain concentrated in the action supported by secure boots, firm on the ground as well as comfortable, is something that makes the difference – and mountain hunters are aware of this. The encounters follow one another, some fully visible and captured by the lens of our cameras, others more painful and hidden by the woods still full of leaves. The result is a beautiful day of hunting, adventure, friendship, emotions offered by the dogs and pure nature. 

Zamberlan Aspen GTX: technical features and field test

Zamberlan Aspen GTX boots
Aspen boots are light, soft and precise in their movements, available in both lower ankle and higher calf versions.

For their demonstrated features, the Zamberlan Aspen boot can be considered suitable for both long walks in the mountains, thanks to the stability and support it can provide, and for stalking hunters who need adequate support and softness for their feet. The Vibram Curcuma outsole can ensure traction and durability on different types of terrain, both rocky and muddy. Good cushioning is provided by the low-density PU wedge midsole. The soft, 2.6- 2.8 mm thick upperi is full grain waxed leather made waterproof by Hydrobloc treatment. The elastic gusset provides a better fit, while the rubber toe rand guarantees protection. 

Synonymous with additional waterproofness and breathability is the Gore-Tex performance comfort lining, for constant temperature and secure foot protection from water. The medium height of the Aspen GTX boot provides hunters with a good protection without hindering their movements; the elasticated gusset increasing the boot fir and consequently the precision of movements. 

Basically, we can conclude that for Zamberlan  we tested a boot with a sporty and ergonomic design and remarkably rugged features. The Aspen GTX boot is also available in the taller Aspen TOP version for greater control of movement and greater calf protection

Available sizes range from 40 to 48. The average weight of the Zamberlan Aspen GTX in size 42 is 685 grams and the boot is available in two different colors to satisfy the different tastes – hunters  can choose a lighter shade with the Waxed Brick version and a darker shade with the Waxed Dark Brown model.

Video: Zamberlan Aspen GTX field test

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