Wiley X: WX Rogue Comm eyewear
03/30/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Wiley X: the WX Rogue Comm, a protective pair of sunglasses for hunting, sport and tactical sho
Four aces from Fratelli Poli: Bosis double-barrelled shotguns
03/29/2017 - Of all the interesting fine hunting guns on offer in the Fratelli Poli showroom, this spectacular set of four Bosis
Pulsar Helion XP50 thermal imaging scope
Revolutionary in terms of technological content, performance and additional functions, the latest Pulsar Helion XP
Nikon Monarch 7i VR laser rangefinder for hunters
03/22/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Nikon Sport optics: the MONARCH 7i VR is the first hand-held commercial laser rangefinder equip
Swarovski dS 5-25x52 P riflescope with point of aim correction for hunting
03/17/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Swarovski Optik: the dS 5-25x52 P riflescope. A revolution in the field of optics – this sums u
Sabatti Urban Sniper bolt action rifle
03/12/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Sabatti: Urban Sniper. The Italian gun manufacturer presented the new bolt action 308 Wincheste