Fausti Progress, a classy semiauto
Barbara Fausti presents the Progress semiautomatic shotgun range for hunters who are looking for a shotgun that’s b
Skylark hunting video
An expert hunter's morning exploits using live skylark to hunt in the Po Valley are caught on camera by Lugari
Krieghoff Classic Double Rifle for Hunters
Versatile and equipped for all hunting situations, the Krieghoff Classic shows what hunters can currently expect of
Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24 i:a fresh wind of change
Some significant changes on the Leica Magnus 1 6.3x24 i record-breaking riflescope to keep ahead of the competition
Minox ZX5 5-25x56
Designed in Germany by a company well known for its precision mechanics and optics, the Minox ZX5 we tested in the
Benelli 828U Black over/under
The Black version of the Benelli 828U over/under is an even more modern and captivating shotgun with its elegant gl