Ruger Scout Rifle goes big: now in .450 Bushmaster
The Scout Rifle series adds a new powerful chambering. The .450 Bushmaster version features a stainless steel finish, a lightweight synthetic stock and a conspicuous muzzle brake to reduce recoil and blast.
Test: ZEISS Victory V8 1,8–14x50 riflescope
ZEISS promotes and describes its Victory V8 1.8-14x50 as an all-rounder among riflescopes, well suited for practically any hunting situation. But do target optics also deliver what they promise during actual hunting? We have an exclusive user-test from for you to read.
Steambow, the self-cocking crossbow
Steambow, an Austrian company, developed the self-cocking crossbow: an excellent combination of a conventional crossbow and a patented fast self-cocking system powered by high-pressure air stored in HPA bottles used in paintball sports.
A Scottish Lady Hunter
Cara Richardson was 18 and living on a Scottish Island when she started shooting and hunting. She quickly progressed from small game to much bigger and has hunted in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Cara is a busy international Sporting Agent and enjoys bringing clients to Scotland to hunt.
Caesar Guerini hunting over-and-under shotguns: Magnus Limited and Tempio Syren
Elegance, reliability and ballistic performance: these are the hallmarks of the two over-and-under shotguns dedicated to walking hunts by Caesar Guerini, the Magnus Limited and the Tempio, in the Syren version for lady hunters. We had the pleasure of testing them in the hills of Fiordimonte, in Italy.
Baschieri & Pellagri Extra Rossa 28 Magnum: the field test
In anticipation of its imminent arrival in gun shops we tested the new Baschieri & Pellagri 28 gauge Magnum Extra Rossa series cartridge.

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Steiner M5Xi rifle scope: details and prices for the civilian market
Steiner is one of the leading providers of optical sights. With the M5Xi 5-25x56, the manufacturer has developed an almo
Purdey Trigger Plate, a new high-end over-and-under shotgun
From the renowned London gunmaker, the new shotgun features an unusual lock mechanism: the whole trigger unit can be rem
Fausti DEA Luxury side-by-side 28 gauge
The new Fausti DEA Luxury side-by-side is ready for the coming hunting season. Waiting to test-fire it, let's discov
Browning XBolt HS3 Chassis rifle in .308 Winchester
Robust, reliable and accurate, this bolt-action rifle is the culmination of the push feed action system. All the solutio
Julie Rutherford, a lady deerstalker  from Scotland
Julie Rutherford, 19, is a trainee gamekeeper on the Reay Forest Estate, Sutherland in the far north west of Scotland. S
Beretta Vittoria shotguns for lady shooters and hunters
Deriving from the famous 690 shotgun series, the Vittoria hunting and shooting over-unders were designed by Beretta with
Forcetek, technical knitwear for hunters and shooters
Forcetek is a brand synonymous with technology, quality and experience at the service of professionals and athletes. Let
MePaBlu Lady Line: earmuffs for ladies
A  German company developed earmuffs that take into account the anthropometric features of the female skull.  The “Lady

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