Test: Swarovski Optik STR 80 spotting scope
The STR 80 spotting scope launched on the market at the end of last year by top Austrian manufacturer Swarovski Optik is a special tool for use by hunters, law enforcement, and sport shooters. We have thoroughly tested the MOA-reticle featured model for you.
Yukon Pulsar new products for 2017
04/18/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Yukon-Pulsar: Yukon Sightline and Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital NV riflescopes and Pulsar Forward digital clip-on front daytime riflescope attachment. All these new Digital Night vision optics integrate Stream Vision technology and appeal to the hunter, sports and professional shooter. Here you'll find all info and three exclusive videos from all4shooters.com presenting these new products.
A visit at the hunting museum in Riihimäki / Finland
Finland has a long hunting tradition. That's why a museum was established in the small town of Riihimäki, known as the home of the firearms manufacturer Sako. The exhibition starts with the very first beginning of Finnish hunting culture and continues to this day. Recently the exhibition has been renewed. Let's have a look together.
User Review of the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights
Red dot reflex sights are ideal for driven hunts, as this hunting scenario will frequently produce situations in which hunters have to shoot quickly and off-the-cuff – even when the line of fire is greatly reduced. The target ergonomics of the ZEISS Victory Compact Point red dot reflex sights easily satisfy these requirements
Swarovski BTX spotting scope with two eyepieces
03/31/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Swarovski: BTX spotting scope. At the trade expo in Nuremberg, the Austrian optics manufacturer presented its BTX telescope system, which comes in various sizes. It is unique for having two eyepieces. Read on for more information on the characteristics and technical data of the various models: BTX 30×65, BTX 30×85 and BTX 35×95.
Wiley X: WX Rogue Comm eyewear
03/30/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Wiley X: the WX Rogue Comm, a protective pair of sunglasses for hunting, sport and tactical shooting specifically designed to be used in conjuntion with headset hearing protection

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Four aces from Fratelli Poli: Bosis double-barrelled shotguns
03/29/2017 - Of all the interesting fine hunting guns on offer in the Fratelli Poli showroom, this spectacular set of four Bosis side
Pulsar Helion XP50 thermal imaging scope
Revolutionary in terms of technological content, performance and additional functions, the latest Pulsar Helion XP therm
Nikon Monarch 7i VR laser rangefinder for hunters
03/22/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Nikon Sport optics: the MONARCH 7i VR is the first hand-held commercial laser rangefinder equipped w
Swarovski dS 5-25x52 P riflescope with point of aim correction for hunting
03/17/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Swarovski Optik: the dS 5-25x52 P riflescope. A revolution in the field of optics – this sums up wel
Sabatti Urban Sniper bolt action rifle
03/12/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Sabatti: Urban Sniper. The Italian gun manufacturer presented the new bolt action 308 Winchester rif
Benelli Raffaello 50° Anniversary
03/11/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Benelli. A limited series of Raffaello semiautomatic shotguns to celebrate the company’s 50 years of
IWA 2017: Torbjörn Lindskog appointed as new President of WFSA
03/09/2017 - WFSA, the World Forum on Shooting Activities, represents more than hundred million national and international sport shoo
Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II lever action rifle
03/09/2017 - IWA 2017 / New from Pedersoli: Boarbuster Mark II. The latest version of the Boarbuster lever action rifle for hunters l

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