Piotti, a made-in-Italy excellence
08/16/2018 - F.lli Piotti, manufacturers of elegant guns for 50 years, enchant us with their unique, personalized and perfect shotguns and rifles. Here are some of their new models for 2018 that were also presented at IWA in Nuremberg last march. 
Pulsar Helion XQF thermal imaging scopes
The Pulsar Helion is an established and very capable line of high performance Thermal imaging monocular scopes for hunting, professional and outdoor activities. The Helion XQF models, although the more affordable of the line, still offer outstanding features and performance.
POLI Zircon Professional 20 ga shotgun - obscure object of desire
The new model is an over-under shotgun in 20 gauge. A novelty that the Poli Brothers have created (together with the writer) specifically for woodcock hunting with setters. For its distinctive characteristics it will not fail to capture the imagination of the most attentive hunters. What's the story behind?
Preparation for shooting and hunting in the UK
The UK is popular destination for hunters and shooters from around the world. There is a wide selection of quarry species including game birds and five types of deer. Each species has an open and closed season and being prepared and equipped to hunt over a diverse and challenging of habitat is essential.
Fausti 70th Anniversary: ​​a limited series of celebrative shotguns
During a pleasant event the Fausti company presented to the press its limited series of side-by-side and over-under shotguns dedicated to its 70th anniversary.
Video: Fratelli Piotti fine guns
Manuel, Fabio, Rudy and Sergio Piotti have been producing fine weapons for 50 years. Today they are one of the world's reference points for those hunters who want a jewel instead of a gun.

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