The essentials always in sight: KAHLES new website
KAHLES has relaunched its website, giving it a big new start. The new look is fresh and contemporary. The site also provides a good overview of the products. In addition, a new product portfolio has been launched. We’ve taken a look at the new website.
Fausti watch collection
A series of exclusive timepieces for which Fausti has partnered with Paul Picot, a top brand in international high-end watchmaking. 
Hunting with Lexel Hunting Orione
We tested on the field the Lexel Hunting Orione hunting jacket, which is named after the constellation of Orion, the mythological giant huntsman.
Bergara B-14 Ridge hunting bolt-action rifle
It is not always necessary to add features and details to propose something interesting. The Spanish company Bergara knows this well and this year it introduced an essential but interesting hunting rifle, the B-14 Ridge.
Pulsar Forward F Digital Night Vision Attachment
Pulsar sent us samples of the latest version of its newest Digital Night Vision Attachment: the Forward F135 and F155, meant to be used in conjunction with a daytime riflescope. Using a state of the art CCD, enhanced optics, image processing technology and a detachable 940 nm long-range invisible IR illuminator, the Forward F promises excellent performance on the hunting field
Stalking Fife’s Roe Deer with a camera
Roe deer are the smallest of the British native deer species and since childhood, they have fascinated me. I live in Fife, Scotland, and we have an abundant and healthy population of roe deer due to a plentiful food supply, woodland shelter, and mild weather. Before I stalked deer with a rifle, I stalked them with my camera and always enjoyed getting up close to them.

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Swarovski EL O-Range: new binoculars in hunter orange
03/29/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Swarovski: EL O-Range binoculars. The Austrian optics manufacturer presented the hunter-orange, EL O
Falco Arms Alpine 1 Kipplauf Stutzen rifle
03/25/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Falco Arms, Alpine 1 Kipplauf Stutzen rifle. In Marcheno (Italy) there is a company that is known fo
New rifles by Voere: S16 and K15A
03/23/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Voere: S16 & K15A rifles. The Austrian manufacturer of precision and hunting rifles showcases th
Deerstalking Fair 2018 in Scotland
The 5th annual Deerstalking Fair takes place on 24 and 25th March 2018, in Kelso, Scotland. The event is dedicated to th
Hunters in Poland and Norway under attack: it’s time to act
A call to action for all European hunters and gun-owners: once again, gun rights are under attack in Europe. Yet this ti
Forcetek: camouflage knitwear line for hunting, training and sport
03/15/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Forcetek: Drytek camouflage technical t-shirts. Forcetek presents to the Nuremberg public the techni
CZ News 2018: rifles and pistols for hunting and sports shooting
03/14/2018 - At IWA 2018 CZ exhibited its products, ranging from handguns to hunting rifles and accessories. CZ also created its IWA
Blaser RD17: red dot sight for driven hunt
03/14/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Blaser: RD17 red dot sight. The famous German company, known for its straight-pull and kipplauf rifl

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