A new Ballistic Calculator App from Hornady
The new app for mobile devices is available free for iOS (Apple) and Android OS. Hornady claims it's the “most accurate commercial trajectory program available” and can calculate accurate trajectories at extreme ranges.
A guide to shotgun shooting with the Benelli 828U over and under: tips and tricks
You need to know your shotgun like the back of your hand if you want to make a good impression at the shooting range or out hunting. But shotguns can be fairly tricky, and handling them is an acquired skill. Young shooters and women often have trouble in practice. But our tips and the Benelli 828U over and under will definitely help to improve your technique and bump your accuracy.
Hunting muntjac in England
If you get to hunt in the woodlands of southern England, then you’ll likely be in prime muntjac country. I just love these animals: they may be Europe’s smallest deer species, but muntjac are a fascinating and challenging quarry to hunt. Here is a brief outline about these little deer, how they got established in England, and what you need in order to hunt them. 
Yukon/Pulsar Helion, Trail and Digisight Ultra at Milipol 2017
11/15/2017 - Yukon/Pulsar will introduce three night vision devices at Milipol 2017: the Pulsar Helion line of thermal imaging monoculars, the Trail line of thermal imaging riflescopes and the Digisight Ultra N355 digital night vision riflescope. 
Sophie Littlewood: deer stalker, deer artist and aspiring collector of exotic deer species.
Sophie Littlewood grew up on a stud farm, and graduated from University with a degree in Animal Science, never imaging she would become a deer hunter. In 2016, she was introduced to deer management, and this was the start of a life obsessed with deer: she stalks regularly, writes about deer on her ‘deertalk’ blog, paints deer, enjoys cooking venison and is planning on starting a collection of deer in 2018.
Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments
11/12/2017 - Pulsar offers the CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments, built to be used as daytime hunting riflescope clip-on optical devices, featuring minimal zero shift, high performance 50hz thermal engine, AMOLED green microdisplay and IPX7 waterproof housings. Prices start at 3450 Euro

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Kimber Super Jägare review: a 1911-style pistol with DeltaPoint Reflex Sight
Waffen Ferkinghoff offers the 1911-style pistol Kimber Super Jägare in 10 mm auto. What’s special about the pistol? In a
Sarah Mottram: Gamekeepers wife, underkeeper, keen shot and game cook
Sarah Mottram grew up in Reading, a town in the home counties of England but moved to Scotland in 2008 to be with her ga
From Blaser for ladies: F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition
A shotgun and a rifle tailored to the needs of the huntress and sportswomen, these new products feature shorter stocks a
Zamberlan Hunter Pro hunting boots: the field test
The Zamberlan Hunter Pro hunting boot, designed and built in Italy to face the most extreme mountain environments:  we p
Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B Laser Rangefinder
The Leica Sport Optics CRF Rangemaster 2000-B, part of the very popular hunting and sports shooting Rangemaster Compact
Louise Farmer: Passionate Countrywoman, and Regional Officer for BASC
Louise Farmer is a central England Regional Officer for the British Association of Shooting and Conservation Ltd (GB). R
New hunting app from Aimpoint
“The Driven Hunt Experience” is a scaled down version of the “The VR Experience”, a simulator released earlier this year
Lapland hunting with Lugaresi Tour Operator
Hunting Nordic wildfowl with our dogs wandering forests and mountains of unreal beauty, feeling welcomed as at home ...

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