UK Game Fair 2017, the world largest countryside show
The Game Fair is the annual gathering for people passionate about countryside pursuits, and the Great British Countryside in all its glory. The event boasts the most comprehensive array of fieldsports in the UK, including archery, air gunning, falconry, fishing, ferrets, gun dogs, horses & hounds and Europe’s longest clay shooting line.
Scottish Roe Deer Stalking
Linda Mellor’s interest in wildlife stretches back more than 50 years, and as a country sports writer and photographer, Scotland’s Roe deer have featured in her work many times. In a series of short stories she shares her journey into rifle shooting and stalking her first Roe Buck in the Perthshire countryside.
Fratelli Poli Armi: custom, handmade fine shotguns
Passion becomes art in the heart of Val Trompia: a journey into the Fratelli Poli armory to discover where and how fine hunting weapons are made.
Trulock Predator, when there’s no room for error
The company’s choke tubes are especially designed to achieve maximum performance from different loads, giving dense patters.
Yukon Signal N320 RT and N340 RT: digital night optics
07/07/2017 - New from Yukon:  the Signal N320 RT and N340 RT, two digital night vision monoculars featuring high sensitivity to low-light, built-in video recorder, long-range infrared illuminator and Stream Vision technology.
Grouse shooting over pointers in the Scottish Highlands
Scotland has a rich hunting heritage, and one of the oldest country sports is shooting grouse over pointers. The Grouse is a medium-sized game bird found in heather moorland across the UK and Ireland. 

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Review: Mauser M12 hunting rifle
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Scout Rifles are highly versatile bolt action guns. Sabatti has re-interpreted the archetype with some special construct
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Riserva: leather hunting accessories - Ammo holders and cartridge belts
05/30/2017 - Riserva presents a new range of classically-designed quality leather accessories for those who love to have the best tec
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We have reviewed the SAVAGE Precision Carbine 10 bolt-action hunting rifle, chambered in the .308 Winchester caliber. Fi
Review: HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint and Varmint Sporter bolt-action rifles
We put the Varmint and Varmint Sporter bolt-action hunting rifles from the HAENEL Jaeger 10 series through their paces.
Test: Pulsar Trail XP riflescope
We had the chance to thoroughly test the Pulsar Trail XP thermal riflescope with 640x480 sensor resolution, on a variety
Test: MAUSER M03 Extreme bolt-action hunting rifle
Besides many other firearms, we have included a review of the MAUSER M03 Extreme in the bolt-action hunting rifles categ

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