Sabatti Saphire: technical test on the new rifle
The new Sabatti hunting rifle is certainly an interesting product for hunters who want a niche, "made in Italy" firearm that’s accurate, practical and reliable.
Kalashnikov Concern showcases its new hunting carbine Baikal-145 "Los"
During the Army-2017 expo, which took place in Moscow suburbs on August 22-27th, Kalashnikov Concern showcased its new Baikal-145 "Los" (Moose) hunting rifle
ZEISS Conquest V6 2-12×50 riflescope: test
ZEISS presents the revised second-generation Conquest V6 riflescopes in the middle price bracket of approximately 1,500 to 1,800 euros. The series features top ZEISS quality despite being favorably priced. We have already tested the 2-12×50 model from the Conquest V6 series in practice. The riflescope is presented in the following video with all its technical data and properties.
Minox ZX5i riflescopes: made to meet hunters requirements
The ZX5i line features four different models that are each available with illuminated reticle. Perfect for hunting even in deep twilight conditions, at a very interesting price/performance ratio.  
After the “Gun Ban”, an EU “Lead Ammo Ban”?
Is the EU trying to grab weapons from the hand of law-abiding citizens again? The restriction proposed by Brussels would be a hidden tax on shooters at best, and a de facto ban on hunting and shooting at worst. No reason to panic - but let's watch the situation closely! And let's always be one step ahead ...
Hunting hoofed game: Riserva accessories for trackers
Trackers and their hounds play the role of protagonists when hunting boar and other hoofed game, to track down the animal and retrieve the kill. Riserva has dedicated a range of technical accessories for optimal freedom of movement and safety in the woods.

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