Franchi Instinct L 28 gauge

The succesful over-under shotgun Franchi Instinct L is now available in .28 gauge and .410 bore with 28” barrel. It features an all-steel, extra-strong color-case receiver with the name “Instinc. L” engraved in gold on the right side.

The distinctive receiver includes a tang-mounted automatic safety that also acts as a barrel selector. An attractive gold-plated trigger completes the Instinct L's stylish look.

The Prince of Wales style stock is cut from A-Grade satin walnut and features cut checkering on the slim forend and pistol grip. A traditional satin oil-finish complements the wood’s beautiful grain and protects the stock from the elements of weather. Weight is a mere 6 lbs for both versions.

Franchi Instinct L shotgun comes with IC, M, F choke tubes and wrench. Also available as optionals extended choke tubes: C, Skeet 1, Skeet 2, IC, M, IM, f, Xft (20 gauge only); C, IC, M, IM, F, XFT, pass, decoy (12 gauge). Suggested retail price is 1699 USD.

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To the website of Franchi.

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