Franchi Affinity 3: field test of the new semi-automatic shotguns

Franchi Affinity semi-automatic shotguns have been designed from the very beginning to serve hunters who pay attention to functionality and substance, looking for shotguns that can always guarantee effectiveness and an excellent quality/price ratio. Over the years the Affinity family has evolved, reaching version 3, which was the subject of our field test during the Franchi Experience, which allowed us to test and discover the new features of these guns.

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Features and new details of Franchi Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotguns

The larger loading port
The larger loading port allows a smoother and more fluid action.

Basically, we find an increasing attention to the comfort of the hunter and the practicality of use in the field. The guns have oversized bolt handle and bolt release, so they are even more intuitive and quick to reach for the hunter's hand during the action and in any situation or hunting environment. These details may not satisfy the eyes of purists at first glance, but their usefulness can be appreciated in the field. On the other hand, the choices are not accidental, since Franchi, for the projects of the new guns also makes use of the indications of the Evolved Ergonom-X platform, which returns the opinions of many hunters in order to develop guns that are as close as possible to the needs and desires of enthusiasts. 

In fact, Franchi has increased the size of the loading port, also providing a faster and smoother action. The checkering on the grip and along the fore-end mus be pointed out: its texture allows a firm purchase and a safe swing of the gun. The Affinity 3 semi-automatics are available in 12 gauge, which was the subject of our test, but also in 20 gauge with a 3”/76 mm Magnum chamber. Available steelshot barrel lengths are 61/66/71/76 cm (12 gauge); 61/66/71 cm steelshot barrels (20 gauge) equipped with internal and interchangeable chokes. The Ergal receiver of the Affinity semi-automatics remains the same, with the typical longitudinal millings that make its design recognizable.

The technopolymer stock with TSA recoil pad
The technopolymer stock with TSA recoil pad is designed to guarantee comfort to hunters and allow them to face any kind of environment with the Affinity 3 semi-automatic.

Also available is a cast and drop adjustment kit to allow hunters to find the ideal set-up for their gun.

The weight of 2.8 kg for the 20 gauge and around 3 kg for the 12 gauge is standard. The mechanics of these semi-automatics using the well-tested Front Inertia system offers a balanced and reliable firearm and reduces muzzle flip, providing an optimal aiming line, thanks to the main recoil spring housed at the front, around the magazine tube. Firing sensation is positive, reloading is quick and ejection of the cartridge cases is positive. On the whole, we can say that even in the version 3 the Affinity confirms to be a semi-automatic that can be used both in walked-up hunts and in hide hunting – even in the most demanding hunting types such as waterfowl hunting.  

For lovers of classic style, the Affinity 3 is also offered in a Wood version with wooden stock and fore-end. Our test version with Black Synt technopolymer stock is instead designed for those who want a gun with a more sporting and aggressive lines, ready to take on any challenge. 

the Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun
In the Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun too the Front Inertia system and the sporty design that have always characterized this range of shotguns are featured, with even greater attention paid to ease of loading.

For further information on the Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotguns please visit the  Franchi website.

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