Derya Lion Practical in Magnum 12 gauge for IPSC shooting

Derya is a relatively young company, having been founded in 1998 in the province of Konya, Turkey. From the very beginning, the company decided to produce hunting, sports shooting and defense shotguns that comply with the most stringent international TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards. Its production lines build shotguns with attention to detail and original aesthetics, such as the MK12 and MK20 with box magazine, which look more like a Black Rifle than a shotgun. 

Derya Lion Practical: every detail designed for the Shotgun division

Derya also manufactures sports shotguns with a more traditional set-up, such as the new Lion Practical for dynamic shooting athletes in the IPSC Shotgun division.

The Derya Lion Practical is a semi-automatic Magnum 12 gauge shotgun optimized for sports use and its most striking feature is its magazine that can hold 8 cartridges. The barrel is 24”/61 cm long and offers the possibility of fitting internal MC-3 type chokes, supplied as standard. On the barrel we find a pronounced ventilated rib that ends in a fiber optic sight. The stock is  polymer, with a pistol grip and an oversized forend with a soft-touch rubber coating. The charging handle and bolt release are oversized so that they can be operated easily and positively even in the hectic stages of a match. The trigger is lightened and accurized to ensure a clean and crisp release. The cross-bolt safety on the trigger guard is oversized too. The magazine has been designed to make loading on the fly as easy as possible and to provide that extra shot that in a race could be decisive. At the barrel root, on the right side, we find a clip for an extra cartridge always at hand. The Lion Practical is available in an all-black version or with magazine, clip, safety and charging handle in blue, green, yellow, orange and red. In this last chromatic version the red color extends to the whole alloy receiver. The price of the Derya Lion Practical is about 700 euro.

Derya Lion Practical – Specs and price

Derya Arms, Turkey
Lion Practical
Semi-automatic shotgun
Gas operated
Intended use:
IPSC sport shooting
Barrel length:
24”/ 61 cm
Oversized rib, fiber optic sight
Magazine capacity:
8+1 rounds
3.4 kg
internal MC-3 type 
about 700 euro
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