Benelli 828U awarded 2016 shotgun of the year by American Rifleman

We spoke about it. We took it hunting with us, to our great satisfaction. Its action astounded us and its lines charmed us. In America, it has been chosen as shotgun of the year by the renowned American Rifleman magazine. The Benelli 828U is always in the spotlight. 

This over-under shotgun features various new international patents, including: Progressive Comfort, Locking plate and Monoblock. This technology is fused with the elegance and uniqueness of its sleek lines, and the original engraving on the action that continues on the stock to create perfect harmony between the gun’s shapes and materials. The trigger guard and top lever complement this innovative design that is able to find the perfect mix between innovation, ergonomics and practicality. 

The Progressive Comfort system, along with the buttstock and polyurethane comb, work together to create the ideal reduction in recoil and muzzle rise. The tempered steel locking system has a simple yet ingenious mechanism that ensures a solid and reliable lock while reducing mechanical stress on the hinge. The Monoblock allows for an innovative and high technology barrel assembly. Incorporating the locking plate and the monoblock in an aluminium receiver has made it possible to create an over-under shotgun that is light (under 3 kg) but is also extremely strong and perfectly balanced. 

Benelli 828 U overcomes the traditional drop and cast limitations making the customisation of the gun a simple matter. The quick shouldering and aim are ensured by the 40 possible drop and cast combinations that meet your personal needs for a natural and instinctive aim.

The over-under Power Bore barrels and the chokes are both cryogenically hardened in order to guarantee excellent ballistic performance, with tight, uniform burst patterns.

The 828 U allows the hunter to obtain optimal performance and customised comfort, so that the weapon is always right on target.

That is why the 828 U was exclusively named shotgun of the year in the USA by the prestigious NRA (National Rifle Association).

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